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( Photo EBD Book Store Dehradun)

If there is a dearth of Good writers , there is a real dearth of readers for them. Something dangerous is happening on the Literary front .. The writer is constrained to be a reader and the reader tends to become a writer . 

I met owners of some Book stores in India and abroad. All are experiencing downward trend in sales. Worldwide, readers for poetry books are shrinking at an alarming rate. A time may come when you won't be able to find a poetry book in a Book shop.

  A Senior employee of a  reputed  Book Shop in Mumbai  in  told me:

" In many countries, Book stores selling literature are using existing space for some additional profitable Busuness to meet *fixed cost. Poetry Books are not selling.May be people are experiencing poetry in their life style.I mean romance, feelings and emotions.Demand for short story books is also dwindling. People read Novels, Travelogues and Biographies .They desire a peep into personal lives of celebrities and famous people. From Biographies, they want to emulate good things ;A short route to self improvement. Novels written as Visual scenes and something different are picked up. "

Recently i found the old EBD ( English Book Depot) book shop on fashionable Rajpura Road Dehradun using front space of the book store for running a coffee shop . This is a very old and Premier  Book shop  in Dehradun.  The gracious old lady (who owns the book shop ) at the counter confirmed declining trend in sales due to  Poor Book Reading habit of present generation.

Has Information Technology  and Television     done this   damage ?   
( Autar Mota )

*In simple terms, Cost is an expenditure that is to be incurred for running and managing a business. In a business, fixed cost is something that has to be paid at periodic intervals even if there is no turnover or the business is in loss. Fixed cost means rent, Telephone and Internet fixed rentals, electric bills, salaries to employees etc.

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