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(Photo Pablo Picasso)

Highly creative people are special individuals. To view  and feel what is going around them, they  tend to behave as outsiders. . They need more personal space to look around, think, absorb and reflect. Denial of space to these sensitive souls,  may make them unproductive and  moody. Such free thinkers   may rebel should they be made  prisoners of the  society. .

Such special persons have greater capacity to live with discomfort .They tend to think differently.for  which they are usually branded as  non conformists.  You can't demonstrate authority to them. Quite often , They may not  think about their own  person .  And observation is an important aspect of creativity. As observors, they need to maintain distance which may be construed as tendency to be aloof. Watch out , they tend to have razor sharp memory with a strong appetite for details.

 Streaks of  idealism inherent in  highly creative persons may also make them   misfit in the current  social order which is essentially   based on values of utility and expediency.

 A highly creative person may be verbally fluent and have a   wide range of personal  interests. He may also be indulging in day dreaming as an exercise to create intellectual  options for he surely knows the futility of day dreaming .In any discussion, he can arrest attention .

Quite often , such people maintain consistent personal standards. and ethics in dealing with others.

 Can the institution of marriage give them the  desired  comfort and stability in personal life ?

( Autar Mota)

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