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Reading " NISHA NIMANTRAN"( Night's Invitation )  By Harivansh Rai Bachan...

This is a beautiful gift from a friend. Published in 1938, this collection of Hindi poems  is quite impressive .

I quote some select lines from the book.....


Hum kabh Apni Baat Chhipaatay?

Hum apnaa jeevan ankit kar
Pheink chukkay hain Raaj-marg par
Jis ke jee mein Aaye Parr le
Thum-kar pal-bhar Aatay  jaatay
......Hum kabh Apni Baat Chhipaatay.

(Harivansh Rai Bachan)....

(When do I hide my story?

After having created this living ,
this style ,
I have thrown it on a thoroughfare or
 A highway,
Whosoever desires to read it
At  leisure or for some moments or
While being in inward or outward journey,
he is free to do so ..

When do I hide my story ?)


Saathi saanjh Lagi Ab honay..

Mitti se  thaa jinhay banaaya
Phoolon se thaa jinhay sajaaya
Kheil garondhay chhorr Pathon par
Chalay gaye hain Bachay sonay
Saathi saanjh Lagi ab honay..

(Harivansh Rai Bachan)

(Friend, it is evening time now,

The Play homes,
That children created from mud,
And then decorated with flowers,
Abandoning all these amusements,
Even children have gone to sleep.

Friend , It is evening time now...)


Aa sonay se pehlay gaa Lein...

Jag mein Praatah Punh Aayega
Soya jaag nahin paayega
Aaankh moondh lenay se pehlay,
Aa, Jo kuchh  kehnaa keh daalein
...Aa sonay  se pehlay gaa Lein..
(Harivansh Rai Bachan)

("Come, Let us sing,
Before we go to sleep..

This world shall see Dawn once more;
But whosoever went to sleep,
may not wake up again.
Before we close our eyes,
Come, Let us say
whatsoever we  feel like speaking.

Come, Let us sing,
Before we go to sleep..")


Ho Madhhur sapna tumhaara,

Kanth mein ho gaan Aisa
Thaa suna jag ne na jaisa
Aur swar se swar mila kar
Ga raha ho vishv saara...

...Ho madhur sapna tumhaara...

( Harivansh Rai Bachan)

May your dreams be Sweet,

Such a song may emerge from your side,
That is unheard and unknown to the world .
And then in tune with that song,
This world at large,
May also sing in chorus with you.
   ,,,,,,,,,,,, May your dreams be Sweet..")


Din Jaldi jaldi daltaa hai
Yeh soch thakaa din ka panthi bhi
jaldi jaldi chaltaa jai.....

Bachay pratiyaasha mein hongay
Needon se jhaank Rahay Hongay
Yeh dhyaan paron mein Chidiya ke
Bhartaa kitni chanchaltaa hai.

.............Din jaldi jaldi daltaaa hai

(Harivansh Rai Bachan)

"How quickly does this day come to end ?"
Thinking so , A  traveler,
 exhausted by day's journey,
Takes  quick steps back home ..

 Struck by the thought of waiting little  Chicks,
Looking out from their nests ,
A sparrow too
 hurries  back putting swiftness  in her wings.
.....How quickly does this day come to end ?")


Deepak par parvaane Aaye..
Jale jwalit Aalingan mein kuchh,
Jale Agni-mai chumban mein kuchh,
Rahe adhjale, Rahe duur kuchh,
Kintu na vaapus jaane Paaye..

.....Deepak par Parvaane Aaye.

(Harivansh Rai Bachan)

("The moths were drawn towards the candle..

Some perished in the blazing embrace,
Some perished while kissing the fire,

Some remained half burnt,
Some maintained distance from the flame  ,

But none could move away.

....... ..  The moths were drawn towards the candle....")


.......Sathi  so na kar kuchh baat.

Baat karte  so gayaa tu
Swapn mein phir kho gayaa tu,
Reh gayaa me aur Aadhi-baat, Aadhi- raat.

.......Sathi  so na kar kuchh baat....

(Harivansh Rai Bachan)

Sleep not friend, Keep talking..

Why  did sleep grip you so suddenly ?
Weren't you  in communication with me ?
And then you got  lost in your dreams,
Leaving me lonesome,
with unfinished communication
  at this midnight.
Sleep not friend ,keep talking..

.......Sathi  so na kar kuchh baat.
And about Amitabh ,. His father Harivansh Rai Bachan has said :

" Not wise for a father to praise his son . But the happiness of listening his praise from others ;Yes , he always gave this happiness to us in bountiful measures. “

So does Tulsi Dass say:

 "Dhanya Bhaag Pitu So Jug jaana
Kaan Sunaa Jo Poot Bakhaana '

( Tulsi Dass )

( What more luck does that father need  in this world ,
 Who listens his son’s praise from one and all.)

(Autar Mota)
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