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The actual construction of this New Secretariat building in Shaheed Ganj locality was started in July 1961  though  the  foundation stone was  laid by Bakshi Ghulam Mohd on 15th June 1961. Sh P N Wanchoo ( The then Chief engineer J&K   R&B )  was Incharge of the execution of the  Project entrusted to M/S Asian Building Corporation .  The sanitary work  for this building  was entrusted to   a Srinagar based  Local firm M/S Bhasker Nath Raina and sons.

 About 400 labourers were engaged in this construction that was completed in April 1963. The new Secretariat was completed at a cost of 51 Lakhs. The building provides a floor area of about 140000 Sq ft.About 2500 Tons of cement and 850 Tons of Iron was used in this massive seven storeyed 410 ×53 ft building . A post office , Telephone Exchange and a cafeteria was also provided for the convenience of employees inside the building . Now A full fledged Bank branch is Also operational in the premises. The secretariat building set the trend of using cement in exteriors ideally not suited and confirming with the environment of Kashmir.

The place where Secretariat building  has come up used to be known as Usman Zenana Park or Gole Bagh. This Park extended up to present jahangir Chowk including the area falling under New  High Court Premises.

The building was inaugurated on 3rd of May 1963 and finally occupied on 6th of May 1963 when offices moved from Jammu to Srinagar.

  Prof. Night Hafiz adds:

" This Civil Secretariat building consumed Usman Zanana Park in its steel and cement concrete. The sign board, the lush green area with cypress and weeping willows and the activities related to Red Cross Day celebrations are fresh in my memory spectrum. All government schools would join with Meena Bazar and excellent food courts. Music, drill, dance and other activities would mark the occasion with a prize distribution ceremony.

At present, the Building has offices of    entire   Bureaucracy  and Council of Minister of the state . CM also has his office in this Secretariat .

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