Monday, September 11, 2017


Budshaw Bridge Srinagar.

The entry in my old diary says:

" Need for the Bridge was felt by Bakshi Ghulam Mohd immediately after he took over as Prime Minister of the state in 1953. The bridge was built at a cost of 15.66 lakhs . It is 40 feet wide and 285 feet long. It was inaugurated by Sadar e Riyasat Dr Karan Singh on 24th october 1956 . The  Bridge  was named after Sultan Zain Ul Abdin ,  a Tolerant , Progressive and sagacious Ruler of kashmir in 15th  century  . He was also named  as Budshaw or Great King by kashmiris "

Sh K K Raina Engineer adds:

" The engineer in charge was Sh Soom Nath koul, He had put up  his office in a houseboat near the site. He retired as chief engineer P.W.D."

Prof. B L Kaul adds :

"It was built by Bakshi Ghulam Mohd. I was a student then and watched how the wooden poles(chill in Kashmiri) were sunk in the river bed for support of pillars by  an  archaic manual system. Zero bridge too was built around the same time but it proved to be of poor quality and gave in even if the traffic was not as heavy as on Budshah bridge."

Sri Hafiz Ullah Adds :

" I was by chance there when the inauguration and lot of young kids were also present. I clearly remember Bakshi Sahib distributing sweets among the kids after the inauguration. "

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