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ANNA KARINA ( Born 1940 ) as MARIE CARDONA In 1967 Movie “ THE STRANGER ” OR “ LO STRANIERO. The movie was a Cinematic version of"The Outsider" , a well known Novel of Albert Camus. The other person in the picture is Marcello Mastroianni who played the role of Meursault.

I Sympathise with MARIE , a character that Camus Created for his  novel  " THE OUTSIDER " 

Marie is Meursault's girlfriend, a typist formerly at Meursault's office , where they first met. 
There are some clues about Marie’s personality in the novel. Very less in number but so vital in revealing her true nature . To me she appears straightforward and simple It appears that her expectations from life are not hyped or extraordinary . And then Not much does she demand from others around. Her middle class upbringing convinces her that she ( A Typist ) and Meursault ( A clerk ) could lead a happy life together .

The day after the funeral of Meursault’s mother , she meets him at the beach and continues to date him afterward. Like Meursault, Marie delights in physical contact yet Marie’s physical affection implies a deeper sentimental and emotional attachment. For example, when Marie asks Meursault if he loves her, he replies “That sort of question has no meaning, really; but I suppose I didn’t” . Later in the novel, Marie asks if Meursault would marry her, to which he responds that he does not care whether he marries Marie or any other woman. Though Marie is disappointed when Meursault expresses his indifference toward love and marriage, she does not end the relationship or rethink about her desire to marry him. She has a hope . A normal hope to lead a happy life with a man whom she loves. In fact, Meursault’s strange behavior seems to be the essential part of his appeal and charm . She says that she probably loves him because he is so peculiar and different from the crowd around him.

There could also be an element of pragmatism in Marie’s decision to marry Meursault. She enjoys a good deal of freedom within the relationship because he does not take any interest in her life when they are not together.

While reading the novel , sometimes I feel , as if, Meursault only cares about Marie’s physical appearance, not about her as a person. Does he lack an emotional connection with Marie ? Did he lack this vital emotional connect with his mother also ?

Whatever be her motivations for entering into the relationship, Marie remains loyal to Meursault at all times and during all periods of their relationship. When he is arrested and put on trial, she does not end the relation. I quote  their communication in specific when she visits Meursault in prison ;

'She shouted out again, 'You'll get out and we'll get married!' I answered, 'You think so?' but it was mainly just to say something'

She only drifts apart after she comes to know about the Death sentence . The reason could be the death of her dream to live a happy life with a Man whom she loved . And then She suddenly fades away and We no longer hear about the uncomplicated and simple girl. Where does she go at the end? A question that every Reader wants to know .

Does the death of hope prevent Marie from reaching the understanding that Meursault attains at the end of the novel ?  Meursault finally  grasps "The Benign indifference of the Universe" while Marie does not . She finds value in dumping Hope and simply moves away.


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