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When some child in our family refused to take food for one reason or the other, Mother would say tauntingly  in kashmiri language  ..

"Khan sahib ! Khan sahib! Guur chhuna kheivaan zubb..

Gham ma Kar .yeli na kenh peyuss , Paanaai kheyi Rubb"

It was supposed to be a conversation between a Pathan horse owner and his kashmiri servant


" Khan sahib ! Khan sahib! Your horse does not eat umbrella sedge( a variety of grass ideal for horses) "


" Worry not, When it feels hungry and finds nothing to eat, it will gulp down that mud"

What is ZUBB?

Zubb is a variety of grass .It is propagated through seeds hat fall naturally on soil .It also grows in Paddy fields . Horses and other domestic animals feed on it.It is seen in almost all villages of Kashmir valley. Ideally , it grows at the edges of rivers and ponds and can can grow as tall as 16 inches . It has no recognizable leaves, but produces bracts at the top of the stem, which resemble umbrella spokes and hence it is known as Umbrella sedge .

( Autar Mota)

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