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Geeta Dutt ( 1930-1972) was known as Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhary before her marriage with Guru Dutt .

In this photograph, Sitting in a Car, Geeta and Talat Mehmood arrive for a private show in London.

Geeta ji has sung so many songs in her inimitable voice. The songs continue to remain as fresh and sought after as these were when she first sang them.One song that preplaxed and confused me during my college days is..

"Mujhe Jaan na kaho Meri Jaan , Meri Jaan !"

And then one day when I understood the meaning of the lines, it became my all time favorite. 
Geeta Dutt has moved many hearts with this song that seeks something beyond physical intimacy in love.I believe it to be the most intimate communication.A communication aimed at unity of souls . Such like communication pours out when two lovers start looking in the same direction rather than looking at each other's face.
Can a person be called your life? Isn't life also short-lived and not going to stay with us for ever?

Gulzar has proved himself a perfect sorcerer of words and thoughts by penning these lines. The music composed by Bengali actor and Musician Kanu Roy ( Died in 1981) is of a rare quality . Geeta Dutt sang it for Anubhav , a 1971 movie that had Sanjeev Kumar and Tanuja in lead roles.

Kanu Roy worked with Basu Battacharya . Another song that Geeta sang for Kanu is " koyee Chup ke se Aa ke " and this also remains my favorite.

"Meri Jaan!
Mujhe Jaan na Kaho ,Meri Jaan!
Meri Jaan!

Jaan na kaho Anjaan Mujhe,
Jaan kahaan Rehti Hai sada,
Anjaane Kya jaanein,
Jaan ke jaaye kaun Bhala..

Meri Jaan!
Mujhe Jaan na kaho, Meri Jaan
Meri Jaan!"


My English rendering would be..

My Love!
Call me not your life,
My Love!
My Love!

Dear Ignorant,
Call me not your life,
Over here, This life never remains forever,
Only Ignorants keep saying so,
Those who know,
Never do they move on such a path.

My Love!
Call me not your life,
My Love!
My Love!

(Autar Mota)

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