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Lake Renuka .. District Sirmour HP..

(All  Photos ..Autar Mota)

A car journey of about 100 kms from Dehradun brings you to this Beautiful ,cool and peaceful Lake in hills. You can come to this place from so many other routes. We traveled via Dehradun- Ponta Sahib. A town founded by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh ji. Guru ji stayed at Ponta for about 5 years and completed some great works including Chandi Di Waar. He built a fort over here. A grand Gurdwara has been built now in his memory on the Banks of river Yamuna.

Photographs of Gurdwara  at Ponta sahib.


This area of HP has been the Karam Bhoomi of 10th Sikh Guru. From Ponta sahib, you go up the hills and cover a distance of about 70 kms to come to the Beautiful ,Cool and pollution free lake" Renuka" . Climatically, this place is very close to Batote. No AC or even Fan needed during evenings. HPTDC has a spacious Hotel/Guest House .Advance online Booking system for this Hotel is in place from any corner of the country.

Hills, lake ,silence, A walkway round the lake and trekking.Perfect peaceful place . Feed the fish and tortoises in the Lake. Visit the wild life enclosures around the Lake.


Ancient Renuka ji Temple is on the Bank of another Lake known as Parshuram Lake. This Parshuram Lake is about 100 Metres from main Renuka lake.

Rates at HPTDC hotel are reasonable .The Hotel has a well managed Restaurant. Dadahu is the nearest town just one and a half kms away.You get everything in Dadahu market.

About 26 KMS from Renuka lake lies an old village known as Sangda or sangraah. This village has a cluster of old mud and wooden houses with slate stone roofs.Among these structures ,a 400 year old house made from wood and powdered Maash Daal or Maah Daal is something unique for visitors to see. Powdered Maash Daal has been used instead of mud in it's construction.The house is erect and occupied presently. The place must be more than 5000 feet in altitude as we saw some tall walnut trees over here.


Investment by Govt in infrastructure is Starkly visible in HP. The state has better road connectivity, excellent electric Power position and almost 100% mobile coverage. You can see schools, hospitals , solar lights and tap water, everywhere in hills of HP.

Entrances / doors of old buildings in some villages are just 3 to 4 feet in height. You have to bend your body to enter.


Ran Singh pujari Parshuram temple Jamoo.." I am salaried pujari paid by Village panchayat.We have nagaada player in these hill temples. Shiva ,Parshuram. ,Devi Mata is generally worshipped in hills. We get snowfall in winter but It does not stay long. It melts. Life is tough. I support every good government. Government gave us roads, hospitals,schools, drinking water, electricity telephones, solar power .I will support present government also if they bring development and happiness. They should close these liquor shops .These shops have spoiled many homes. So many people are in this drinking now. We don't cut trees or kill jungle animals. That is Paap.

 In some  interior villages of HP, poor women work for more than 15 hours per day doing everything for the family. At these places,  men gossip and mostly drink liquor after 4PM. This applies to poor people in interior villages.


 People treat fish in Renuka lake as something very sacred. No fishing is allowed by HP Government in the lake. So are lake tortoises treated .     


For simple villagers of Jamoo ( 10 Kms from Renuka Lake ) in sirmur ( HP), God lives in this Peepal Tree..

(Autar Mota )

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