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Aren't human beings like a blade of grass? Silky soft when rooted to life.And when Lost to roots, nothing more than dry dust.

I add a Kashmiri poem written by well known Poet Dina Nath Naadim and translated to English by Trilokinath Raina..

( Gaas’a Tul )
Ya’thh Gaas’a Tuliss Gayii Myaa’n Vanan 
Shreh Oussus Teli Ouss Poat Pishul 
Vaavus ti NamanTaavus ti Naman 
Vandh’a Raatchun Munz Az Rovuss Shreh 
Krechhar Hyathh Praa’ven Apaziyi Teh
Viz Yuthh Daejj Tathh Daejj Zaat Panien
Phokka Saett Phaeiti ,
Dhakk’a saet Choor Gatchheus
Reh Haavyoos Vuchhatuv Soor Gatchheus
( Dina Nath Naadim )

(Blade of Grass)
This blade of Grass
Like me
Soft silk when sap was there
Bowed to the sun and waved with the wind.
In winter nights its roots were lost.
Robbed of its sap, it stood erect,
Dried up, stiffened  with false pride,
Changed its kind, having outlived its day.
Blow on it, It crumbles;
Step on it ,it is dust;
Show it a flame and
Ashes is all..

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