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Tarsem is a vegetable grower known to me since 1998..He telephones me yesterday...

 Our Communication


'sahib Ji..Gobbi Lavaan koyee Pandraah Beeh killo. Achaar paa lo te naal gwaandiyaan nu bhi vando"

"Sir should I bring 15 or 20 Kgs of Cauliflower.Make pickle and distribute some to your neighbours"

Me ..

"Ke gal Tarsem .Kushal Mangal he'gaa"

"Why so Tarsem? Is everything fine?"


" Sahib Ji ki kariye. Mandi te 3 rupe killo lendhe hain. O bhi udhaari.Lein da kharchaa naal Inni labour. Apni laagat nahin poori hondhi. Me te muft vand reha haan huun Sariyaan noo "

"Sir what to do? In the wholesale Mandi they pay Rs3 per kg that too on credit.It is not possible to recover cost now apart from so much of labour .I am distributing free to everybody"

And today I buy one kg of Cauliflower @20 per kg from the retail seller in Talab Tillo Jammu.

Who is the real beneficiary of our green revolution?

(Autar Mota 25-01-2017 )

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