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During my recent visit to Doon valley , Something Inside ONGC HQrs impressed me . I feel i need to share it.

A dedicated team , inspired by need to earn carbon Credits for the nation , built something unique and exciting. A Green House Building for its Central office beneath a Small Hill inside ONGC complex. It looks like a small hill with a Glass opening at its top but once you move in, you find a complete state of Art office complex with Green plants .

Spacious Lobby , Sufficient Light , Landscaped green roof , abundant Bamboo Plantation , Rain water Harvesting and onsite sewage Plant . A Warm and Cozy ambiance . 

The Photo-electric Panels / Sheets covering many rows in the car parking area , create sufficient solar Power for the entire Building. Cleanliness , Maintenance , Lush Green ambiance enthuses you. This is ONGC’s "Green Hills" structure .

This four storey structure in shivalik range , designed by Hafeez Contrctor ( Leading Architect of the country ) was unveiled in 2013. It can accommodate more than 600 persons.

This ‘Green Hills’ is a first-rate example of a significant solution to the key issues of well-organized energy usage, appropriate design and aesthetics. It is also a solution towards development of ideal work environs. I am informed that More such structures are to come in ONGC work centers at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad .

With this ‘Green Hills’ structure , ONGC has kept its promise to reduce its Carbon footprints and  reaffirmed  its  pledge towards addressing universal environmental concern.

This idea can be easily and very conveniently implemented in our state.

Will some Top Bureaucrat or HOD take the lead?

( Autar Mota)

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