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I am adding My Poem " Mera Need Kahaan Hai ? " or "Where is my Nest ?" to this photo . This poem is dedicated to people living in Exile world over and  People driven out from their Homes and native lands. My fellow beings in pain and suffering   , I  share your anguish and helplessness  .

( Mera Need  Kahaan hai ?)

Ghar Aakaash Nahin hotaa hai ,
kab Tak Udnaa ?
Kitnaa Thaknaa ?
Chidiyaa Doonday Daal, Basera ,
Jis ko Thaa Cheelon Ne Geraa
Need  luttay Jab,
Anday Phootay ,
Apnay Chhootay ,
Bandhan Tootay ,
Parbat Uppar Bhaagi Fur Fur ,
Bechaari chidiyaa tab dar kar .
Su'naa Hai Par Us Gaaon Mein Ab bhi,
Sookha Peid hai,
Sookhi Jheel ,
Joon Deepak ke bin Kandeel ,
Aur Uss peid ki Tahni par to
Ab Baithaa Karti Hai cheel ….

( Autar Mota )

I have also rendered the poem to simple english for friends who do not understand Hindi / urdu ..

( Where is My Nest ?)

The sky can never be a home ,
How long should it Fly?
How much should it tire itself?
The sparrow now looks for a branch ,
A shelter .
A shelter that was usurped by the Eagles ,
And when the nests were ransacked,
Eggs Broken ,
fellow birds separated ,
Relationships torn apart ,
That day ,
In fright ,
The poor sparrow
flew up above the Mountain.
We hear in that village ,
That tree is still dry and lifeless .
Dry has turned the lake too.
Yes , Like a Candle stand going waste
Without the candle over it .
And on top of that tree
An Eagle has built its shelter now .

( Autar Mota )


For this photograph , i remain  grateful and obliged  to Henny Egdom  Van   photographer and   up-loader  on internet ( Google )  . 

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