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( An elderly displaced  kashmiri Pandit woman in exile  outside her temporary  Camp accommodation in Jammu .The Child does not understand her suffering   . A silent sufferer  she continues . A Life of Deprivation and loneliness  after being  exiled  from kashmir valley by Armed  Militants ..

I am tempted to add lines from a Gazal of Poet Mazhar Imam......

Dil Akelaa hai Bahut laalaa-e-Seharaa ki Tarah 
Tum ne bhi chhorr Diyaa hai Mujhe duniyaa ki Tarah

Chhorr ke jaao na yuun Ahad-e-guzishtaa kii Tarah
Ban ke ummeed Raho vaadaa-e-fardaa ki Tarah

And this loneliness that is not only her address but her sole friend and companion as well.
What does she say to her loneliness ? I believe Poet Mazhar Imam knows this as well.. I quote ..
Ab Kisi Raah Pe jaltay Nahin Chaahat Ke chiraag
Tu Meri Aakhri Manzil Hai Mera Saath Na Chhorr..
Log Miltay Hain Sar e Raah Guzar Jaatay Hain
Tu Hi Ek Hum safar e Dil Hai Mera saath Na Chhorr...
(Autar Mota )
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