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                     ( NANA ON A BICYCLE )


               (With BSF Jawans in Jammu)
 ( Helping Vidharba Farm Widows)

NANA PATEKAR ( Born 1951 )

No Seaside Bunglow in Mumbai. No luxurious farm Houses. No Boozing sessions and No rave parties.No imported clothes .No foreign rest and recuperation tours .And no product endorsements or advertisement revenues. No servants or Guards .Nana Lives with his mother in 1 BHK Flat in Mumbai suburb. And then Donates 9O% of his income to Needy and Poor through his NGO.

Yes I mean the same Nana who gave spine chilling performances in Parinda, Ab Tak Chhappan, Rajneeti , Tiranga , Krantiveer , Apaharan and many more films .

Adds Nana :

“ India is my Religion and Indianness is my caste . No Hindu , Muslim , Christian or Sikh . I don’t belong to a Religion that believes Hate , and segregation. There may be a particular Dress in your religion but religion is not Dress. Nowadays , People dress to define their Religion.”

"Today we boast of living on the sea-face; I lived in front of the sea in a village  as a child, where I heard not lullabies but the sound of the waves, what we call in Marathi, gaaj. I slept and woke up to the sound of the waves.We lived in a rented house belonging to Nazira Anwari and Niamaat saab, so I never knew the difference between Hindu and Muslim. My friends were their kids, Dilshaad and Saifu."

“ I donate from my earnings continuously keeping something for my Rainy Days . I would be happy to live within my own class in the society . From My recent Earnings I gave money to each Farmer’s family that had committed suicide . A Little Hope . I have to see what I can do for them on long Term basis .I will educate their Children . That may bring some hope to them . I’ll have to do it to keep the human inside me alive. I’m not doing it for them, but for all of us. So let’s do it all together."

“ I can not sit idle . I gossip with my Mother . Read newspapers to her .My mother is a very strong woman. We were seven kids, five of them passed away. My elder brother and I are alive.My mother lost five kids, her husband, her parents and siblings. But she is so strong, she is living for the people who are alive.She is 95 now, and is amazing. When someone comes to visit me, she may not remember the name, but she will describe the person so well, how that person walks and talks, that I understand exactly who has come to meet me.I have learnt acting from her. I have learnt everything from my mother”

" I Cook My Food , wash my clothes at times and Clean the house myself.Cooking is my passion. I am a better cook than actor.Cooking is like doing yoga. There is a lot of satisfaction in cooking food for others."

“ Politics is not my field . I may look Kadak or tough from Outside but those who know me closely know what I stand for. Yes I am brutally honest . Sometimes I suffer for being so straightforward. But then I can’t help it. So it is and shall remain .”

“ My father Dinkar Patekar  ran a small  textile printing business  . He was  poor yet  Honest and a  Real  human being. No malice or hatred. He  loved watching theatre, cinema, Tamasha (Marathi folk song and dance). He was fascinated by them. He was happy when I started working in plays. He saw only a little of my work; he didn’t get chance to see more because he passed away . .”

" Yes My father lost all when I was in the ninth standard and had to start working.I am grateful to the late G S Tari who provided me my bread and butter (Nana printed cinema posters for him). I used to call his wife Aai (mother).You meet some good people along the journey and must not forget them.I was paid Rs 35 a month and one meal a day. I had to walk eight kilometres to the work place -- from Matunga west to Chunabhatti (in central Mumbai).My wishes and dreams are very small -- two meals a day for which I hope I don’t have to beg. Live life with honesty, that’s all I want. I never asked anything else from God."

" I got married to Nilu (Neelkanti), whom I met because of my plays. She was a very good actress and also writes well. Nilu (Neelkanti) and me have not drifted apart.Wherever I am troubled, I get out of there. If I can't give happiness, I should not give you trouble. That's what I believe in.We are not divorced. We meet almost everyday and take care of each other. But we don't live together."

" My son Malhaar has learnt cinematography and direction . He doesn’t have any interest in acting.I always tell him that his body should be in control. He should keep himself fit. He doesn’t take care of himself. We look alike. He can easily play my younger self in films that require it. That is why I tell him to be fit.The only problem with me is, my body is getting old, and body parts are not available in the market (laughs).The advantage is I haven't put on weight so it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on my knees.

May You live long Nana  Patekar and keep doing what you believe in . You are an inspiration for  so many in the country .

( Autar Mota )

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