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The Karewas ( plateaus ) of Kashmir, also known as WUDUR , provide fertile soil for any profitable agricultural activity. The karewas of Pampore produce the best quality Saffron in the world. So would the Karewas near present Airport in Srinagar,also known as DAMODAR WUDUR, grow the best quality Almonds in the country.I have also seen quality almonds crops on Parihasspora and Martand Karewas.

Close to independence period (1947) , these Karewas also grew almost 40% of the cotton produced in kashmir valley.

These Karewas or plateaus also produce quality fruits, and walnuts .

In our recent past,these Karewas also supplied Black Cumin seeds (Kaala Zeera ), Mushiq Budij or a fragrant variety Rice and high quality Cucumber seeds (l Kheera Seeds ) to Srinagar city.
While lower plains in Kashmir provide us Gurti (clay), Bahil (Loam), Sekil (Sandy), Nambal (Peats), Surzamin and Lemb soils, Karewas in particular are the richest source of Most fertile alluvial soil in Kashmir .

Irrigated by Martand canal , the oldest canal in Kashmir (It takes its water from the river Liddar at Ganeshpora and travels about 50 kms ), the Martand Karewa in south Kashmir produces Paddy , fruits , Almonds and Walnuts .

The Martand canal moves through Village Aishmuqam , salia and Seer and goes up the adjoining hills to irrigate the entire Khoveripora and Dachinpora area around Mattan or MARTAND. In a way entire Martand plateau is irrigated by this canal only.

The canal is reported to have been built during the rule of King Lalitaditya of Kashmir .

Trusting the irrigation potential of the canal,fertile soil and the open sunshine of the karewa ,sultan Zain Ul Abdin or King Budshah, encouraged people to raise sugarcane crops on this plateau, something unheard in Kashmir .

As per Historians , the wise king made the first daring and serious attempt to grow sugarcane commercially in Kashmir .

And Jonaraja ends his Rajatarangini as under..

" A collection of wonderful things was made in the kingdom during the reign of this king(Zain Ul Abdin), otherwise how could he be the incarnation of Narayana? He planted the country round Marttanda with sugarcane, compared to which ,the nectar that flows from the moon is as poor as Beggar"

( Page 97 Kings of Kashmir's 2nd series "The Rajatarangini of Jonaraja " translated from original Sanskrit by Jogesh Chander Dutt Published by Gyan Publishing House,5 Ansari Road ,Daryaganj New Delhi)


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