Friday, July 25, 2014


  Dadar , Mumbai                                                                 

Mumbai is simply rains these days .Nonstop downpour since 15.07.2014 .9AM .

Dadar west is a mix of rain washed old buildings , high rise apartments , crowded middle class Bazars , spacious shopping stores and some shopping Malls. Crowded roads , speeding buses and everytime available Taxis painted in black and yellow ; Pay roughly 19 rupees per km for your taxi ride. So cheap by any standard when compare with what we  we pay for hiring an  Auto Richshaw in Jammu or Srinagar  cities . Paid Rs180 from Jahangir Art Gallery Fort to Dadar  via Marine Drive , Haji Ali and Praba Devi route .No auto Rickshaw is allowed within the core city.

Life moves as usual in Rains. Every person carries an umbrella with him but almost every person has wet clothes .The executives who come down from their offices to get inside their cars , students pouring out from school buses, ladies shopping in Markets , People moving on roads , Vada Paav and Sandwich sellers , Flower sellers ,Banana sellers, Coconut sellers, commuters pulling themselves out from local trains and Traders on footpaths are drenched but unmindful. Possibly getting wet is not a serious issue for a Mumbaikar.

The high tide (15 feet) near Marine drive that originated from the angry monsoon sea, swept away two persons yesterday.Some buildings collapsed .Flooded Juhu Airport turns into a Lake. The six lakes (That supply water to the city ) namely Modak sagar,Tansa, Vihar,Tulsi, Upper Vaitarna and Bhatsa are getting filled by the downpour. Water water everywhere and so much water to drink . i am informed that the water supplied by Municipality is safe and fit for drinking . our neighbour in Dadar has been drinking it for many years now. He believes that it is better than the so called packaged drinking water sold in the market.


My son Stays in an apartment that is close to Dadar Railway Junction ,Kabutar khaana ,Shivaji Park, Old Jain Temple ,Portugeese Church, Peer Bagdadi Mosque ,sidhi Vinayak Temple ,Fresh Flower Market and sabzi Mandi. Could not find Nadru , Haak or Monji (Kadam ) .Yes too much of something like kashmiri Wosta Haak and Torraai or kashmiri Torrail.



Bhure lal ,the man who irons clothes using a 2 feet by 5 feet wooden plank on foot path , sleeps below the plank at night.Badar ud Din , the denter in a Car workshop sleeps over the plank .If the rains disturb them,they sleep on the steps leading to'Banglore Ayyangar's Bakery' shop .Badru and Bhure are from Eastern UP. Bhure gets 4000 rupees per month and he has to iron around 250 clothes per day. We paid @ 5 rupees per cloth given for ironing.Ram Dhan ,The owner of the wooden plank and the so called Ironing shop is also from eastern UP .He brings clothes from nearby apartments on his bicycle .He also delivers back ironed clothes using his bicycle. He has to pay rent for using footpath space apart from paying electricity bills .RamDhan speaks fluent Marathi.
Acting as night watchman, Ram Dhan sleeps inside the shop of Joseph kabaadi. Joseph kabaadi has a shop nearby in the lane. Joseph has a toilet as well inside the shop that looks like an old shabby living room full of old newspapers , books and broken plastic pieces. Stuffy and filthy. Ram Dhan ,Bhure and Badru pay ( Rs200 each per month ) to Joseph kabaadi for allowing them one time ,that too early morning , use of toilet . Joseph comes to his shop at 10.30 AM and locks the toilet . And the life moves on.......
This is Mumbai..         

( Autar Mota 16.07.2014 )

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