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                       ( With Sunil Dutt)


RAJINDRA KRISHAN  (6th June 1919--23rd Sep 1988..  In this photo  on left side )
He belonged to a refugee family from village  Jalalpur Jattan that now  falls in   Punjab province of Pakistan.Rajindra Krishan came  to Mumbai in 1946 and this city gave him everything that he aspired in life. From a    petty Clerk in Shimla  Municipality  , Rajinder Krishan Duggal  ( RAJINDRA KRISHAN ) rose to become the most  sought after and successful lyricist  , screen play and dialogue writer of Hindi cinema .   

 A low profile was his trade mark. He did not  create  much literature apart from  what he wrote for films . He wrote songs for more than 350 ( His son says 386)  films, dialogues for more than  100 films and screenplays for an equal number of films . Though he wrote most melodious songs of his time   that created musical sensation  , he always maintained a low profile , lived a family life and   spent his leisure  time in horse racing .  After his success in films ,he brought all his brothers  to Mumbai and ensured their settlement . The eldest Madho lal   Duggal ,continued to live in  Shimla  but Rajindra Krishan supported him  in all ways and by all means . 
He  dressed well, ate well and had a limited number of personal friends that included Sunil Dutt , Madan Mohan, Bhagwan, Mehmood , I S Johar  and R K Nayyar .  A Punjabi to the  core , he loved Alu Parantha , Sarson Ka Saag  , Chaney Chholey , Saag Meat  and Curd  lassi  . And he loved his drink .

From late  ‘40s’ to the late  '60s ‘ of the last century ,there was only one  person with  whom producers, financiers, directors, distributors and   composers wanted to work  as if he was a superstar. And this much sought after  person  was Rajindra Krishan. His popularity  made him quite sought after by many production houses of Chennai especially  AVM .He was known as 'King'   in Chennai and  'Invisible Giant ' in Mumbai film world. 

Luck  always remained  on his side .  D D  Kashyap, the producer of film   “Badi Behan”   gifted him a car. His songs  “ Chup Chup Kharre Ho Zaroor Koyee Baat hai ” and “Chale jaana Nahin Nain Milaa ke  ” broke all previous records of popularity . He had also written dialogues or the this 1949  this super hit movie .

And then a windfall; sometime during late seventies of the last   century ,   he won a jackpot worth Rs.46 lakhs  in horse racing.
Rajindra Krishan  devoted  50  years of his active  life to  Mumbai cinema .  Starting from Zanjeer ( 1947),   his last movie  as lyricist was  Aag Ka Dariya  (1990) .
Some  superhit movies wherein he associated himself are :

(1) PADOSAN  ( Dialogues , screen play and songs )
(2) BHAROSA  ( Dialogue and Lyrics )
(3) ANARKALI ( Lyrics )
(4) BARRI BEHAN (Dialogue and Lyrics )
(5) LOVE IN SHIMLA  (Lyrics )
(6) NAZRAANA  (Dialogue and Lyrics )
(7)  YEH RAASTE  HAIN  PYAAR KE  ( Lyrics )
(8)  JAHAAN ARA  ( Lyrics )
(9)  DOLI ( Dialogue and Lyrics )
(10)  EK SHRIMAAN EK SHRIMATI   (Screen Play AND  Dialogue  )
(11)  GOPI ( screenplay )
(12) BOMBAY  TO GOA ( Lyrics )..
A sample of his popular songs is as unfer:
(1) Dua Kar gham e dil khuda se dua kar
(2) Dheere se aa ja ri akhiyan mein nindiyaa
(3) Ek chatur naar kar ke singaar
(4) Aey dil  mujhe bataa de tu kiss pe aa gayaa hai
(5) Aankhon mein masti sharaab ki
(6) Dekha na hai  sochaa na hai rakh di nishaaane pe jaan
(7) Govinda aala re  aala zara matki sanbhaal brijbaala
(8) Phir vohi shaam vohi gham vohi  tanhaayi hai
(9) Aaj ki  mulaaqat buss itni
(10)  Aapalum chaplum
(11)  Eenaa meena deeka
(12) Chal udd ja re panchhi
(13) Woh bhooli dastaan
(14)  Jahaan daal daal par sone  ki chirriya karti hei basera
(15)  Pal pal dil Ke pass
(16) Sukh Ke sab saathi dukh ka Na Koyee
(17)  Mun dole mera tan dole
(18) Mere saamne wali khidki mein
(19) Qadhar jaane na mora baalam bedardi
(20)  Itnaa na mujh se tu pyaar badaa ke mein ek baadal
(21) Daal roti Khaao prabhu ke guun gaao
(22)  Yeh zindagi ussi ki hai
(23)  Bholi surat dil ke khote
(24)  Bindraban ka Krishen Kannhaya sab ki aankhon ka tara
(25) Hum pyaar mein jalne waalon ko
(26)  Ja ri ja ri o kaari badariya
(27)  Jadugar saiyaan chhorro mori baiyaan
(28)  Jo unki tamnaa hai barbaad ho ja
(29) Khuda bhi aasmaan se jab zameen par dekhtaa hoga
(30)  Mere piya gaye Rangoon
(31) 'Ramchandra Keh Gaye siya se aisa Kalyug aayegaa
32  Yuun hasraton ke daag
33 Chal uurr ja re panchhi ke ab yeh des huva begaana
34 Vo dil kahaan se laaon  teri yaad jo bhula de
35 Tum hi meray mandir tum hi meri pooja

He wrote some memorable Gazals for films. I quote some from my memory:

(1) Kis tarah jeete hain ye log bataa do yaaron
(2) Un ko yeh shikayat hai ke hum kuchh nahin kehte
(3) Na jhatko zulf se paani
(4) Kissi ki yaad mein duniya ko hain bhlaaye huve
(5) Jab Jab tumhe bhulaaya tum aur yaad aaye 

And his song 'Tum hi ho maata pita tum hi ho’ from Main Chup Rahungi (1962)  become  a prayer in many schools across the country.
In an interview, actress Sadhana once said :
"He could write an immortal song in minutes, by itself or to a tune. But he never drummed up publicity through any journalist.    I know  Krishan  ji often wrote his most lasting songs in a matter of 15-20 minutes, and often on the back of any paper readily available - like a cigarette packet .  Quite often these  paper pieces got misplaced and  so many creative compositions were lost.”

Her filmmaker husband R.K.Nayyar   mostly engaged   Rajindra Krishan  for their home productions .

He worked with many music directors that include  Husnlal-Bhagatram, Shyam Sunder ,Anil Biswas , C. Ramachandra , Hemant Kumar, Madan Mohan, S.D.Burman, S Mohinder , Chitragupta, Ravi, Shanker-Jaikishan, Salil Chowdhury , Kalyanji-Anandji, R.D.Burman , Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Shiv-Hari, Anu Malik and Anand-Milind.  But  he had a special liking for Madan Mohan . He would often say :
“ Madan  Ji de  Vaaste ta mein Free Bhi Kum Karaanga"  . or "For Madan ji , I can work without any remuneration.”
About him, Poet Ali sardar jafri once said :
“ Krishan appears to have  hungrily gulped down the cream of Hindi and Urdu literature and poetry. He has also successfully  kept his songs  completely simple and yet full of melody . I am amazed at his  range and quantum of hits he spins out . ”
His son  Rajiv Duggal who is also a music composer writes:

“He was not interested in promoting himself. He just didn’t bother to the extent that if people tried to promote him for something, he would say, “Eh!” .When he passed away, I had a list of 386 films for which he wrote songs. Unfortunately, that list got misplaced in the midst of changing two houses. My younger brother had it in his book. And his wife must have throw it away when they changed houses.  The 1950s was his absolute golden period. There were other lyric writers who were prominent. There were cliques of people who get along. It’s a factor. Even in his time, he had his clique, he had C Ramchandra and Madan Mohan.
He was very fast basically in everything. It’s not like that he would sit and rewrite, just start. He would write a song in five minutes in free hand.” He would write in Urdu on whatever he could find, even cigarette packets."

In an interview, Hemant Kumar once said:

"Let’s suppose the recording of a song is fixed 15 days hence; he will come to the studio alright, but won’t work. He would  say, ‘Come I know a place where this item is great! Let’s go and  eat.’ So we go there. Next day it’s something else. Then he’ll be away at the races. Thus we come to the 12th day. Now we put pressure on him. Then he’ll sit somewhere quietly and come back after 15-20 minutes with the complete song!"

He died  on 23rd Sep from a heart attack.. 1988. HMV considered  him as one of the major lyricist of India and to honour him, the company  brought out an LP containing 12 of his most popular  songs.

I end this post with some lines from a gazal of Majrooh ..

Sharh e gham to mukhtasar hoti gayee uss ke huzoor
Lafz jo munh se na niklaa dastaan bantaa gayaa..
Jis taraf bhi chal parray hum aabalaa paayan e shauq
Khaar se gul aur gul se gulsitaan bantaa gayaa.

( Avtar Mota)

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