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In a war , there is no victor or Vanquished . Every one is a sufferer.I begin this mini post with lines from an Anti war poem of Sahir Ludhanavi ..

Fateh ka jashn ho ki haar ka sog
zindagi Mayyaton pe rotii hai...
( Sahir )
(Be it a celebration of Victory or  defeat's Gloom ,
Life  weeps for  deaths only......... )
 Betrayed by Chinese ,A distrauhgt Nehru wept when Great  Lata Sang Kavi Pradeep 's composition  "Aey Meray wattan Ke Logon " before a Mammoth crowd at Ramlila Grounds New Delhi in 1962.The programme  was organised  by  Producer  Mehboob Khan  who also presented  A hefty Donation to  Government on behalf of Film Fraternity  of Mumbai . As a matter of fact It was only Mehboob Khan who had asked kavi Pradeep for  writing a patriotic song for the event .And  next day , kavi Pradeep wrote the  opening lines on a cigarette  packet while  he was on a morning walk in Mahim. He added other lines at his residence .

Mehboob Khan  also sought services of   C. Ramchandra  for  giving musical shape to kavi Pradeep's poem for the event . And Lata Readily agreed to come down to Delhi  to sing it before  a massive Gathering after  the initial recording  at Mumbai. The distinguished audience included president S. Radhakrishnan, Prime minister Nehru, cabinet ministers, virtually the entire film industry comprising stalwarts like Producer Mehboob Khan , Dilip Kumar , Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, Sunil Dutt,  Singers Mohammed Rafi, Hemant Kumar and many more.. I add some lines from this song ...

Koyee sikh Koyee jaat Maraatha
Koyee Gurkhaa Koyee Madraasi
Sarhad par Marney wala
Har veer thha Bharatvaasi
Thhay dhanya javaanon woh apney
Thhi dhanya woh unki javaani
Jo shaheed hue hain unki,
Zara yaad karo qurbaani.............
Aey Meray Wattan ke logon.......

About This weeping of Pandit ji ,  Lata  said in her recent interview,

" After the  Ramlila Ground singing  , I received a message that Pandit ji wanted to see me .It was Mehboob Khan who took me to Panditji. When I was sitting in his  room and  waiting for a cup of coffee , Panditji said to me "Tumne Mujhe Rulaaya.... (you made me weep ). Standing by the side of Panditji ,as he spoke to me ,were  Dr .S Radhakrishnan (the then President) and Indiraji, His Daughter "

Pandit ji was equally moved by another  song that  Mohd. Rafi sang same day at NATIONAL   STADIUM  NEW  DELHI before a huge  public gathering  and  V V I Ps on the stage that included  Producer Mehboob Khan ,  Some prominent Film stars ,Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and  Dr S Radhakrishnan  . The song " Awaaz Do Hum Eik Hain " was written by urdu poet Jaan Nissar Akhtar .The song played a great role in emotional integrity of the nation during the war with  china.  It  was played in all cinema Halls before the start of  the show . It was like a national anthem during those bitter days of Chinese Aggression.  The  song sent a patriotic shiver down the listeners spine. And Great    Mohd Rafi  had  put his heart  in the song  set to music by Khayaam . It was a great  effort by Films division.
 "Awaaz do hum Ek Hain" I add some lines of this great song ...

ye hai Himaala ki zameen
Taj-o-Ajanta ki zameen
sangam hamaari aan hai
Chittaurr apni shaan hai
Gulmarg ka mehka chaman
Jamuna ka tat Gokul ka ban
Ganga ke dhaare apne hain
ye sab hamaare apne hain
keh do koi dushman nazar
uthhe na bhoole se idhar
keh do ke ham bedaar hain
keh do ke ham taiyyaar hain

Utho jawaanaane wattan
Baandhe huve sar se kafan
punjab ke dil se utho
satluj ke saahil se utho
Maharashtra ki khaak se
Delhi ke arze paak se
Bengal se Gujraat se
kashmir ke Bagaat se
Nefa se Rajasthhan se
kul khaaq e hindustaan se ..

apne sabhi sukh ek hain
apne sabhi gham ek hain
aawaaz do......
aawaaz do ........

(Autar Mota 9.7.2014)

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