Friday, June 27, 2014


 A kashmiri poem with English rendering . I wrote this poem in May 2014.

( Ye Tchaadar Tulithh Vuchh ) 

Yeh Tulakh na ye Tchaadar,
Yousi Vajeimitch Chheiyee ,
Yim saet chhiyee,
Yim Ang , Baandhav,
Taaeth , vataahaavuk ,
Hana Thavukh Pathh..
Ta Paakh Bronh me kunn.
Beh Kathhaa Vannaai,
Ye vuchh ye myon Khoon ti chhu na Vozul Naar Hui ,
Yeim Acchhi ,
Ye zeiuvv,
yeum Kunn ,
Yeumm athhaa za,
Yeumm Zangaa,
Treish ,
Shaahetch khassa vuss ,
Chha kunuyee kin na !
Kathh Kar sa !

Yeli Tchaadar Tulakh
Na Chhukh Tche !
Na Chhus Ba!
Huum Ang , Baandhav,
Taaeth , vaetihaavuk
Maaya Zaaleik Bagh ,
Posh Byon Byon,
Byon Byon Kueil ,
Byon Byon Janaawaar
Akh Vaav !
Akh Shabnam !
Akh Gaash !
Akh Soant !
Akh Harud !
Akh ,Faqat Akh
Yina Raavukh……..

( Autar Mota 27.06.2014 )

( See After you Remove The Blanket )

Would you remove this blanket
That you keep around yourself ?
These companions,
These kith and kin ,
These relations ,
These sweethearts ,
These guides ,
Keep them away ,
And come closer to me ,
Sit, I need to tell you something ,
Look ! This blood that runs in my veins,
Isn’t it also deep red ?
These Eyes,
This tongue,
These Ears,
These Two Hands ,
These Legs ,
Hunger ,
Thirst ,
This rise and fall of breaths ,
These Sobs ,
These Smiles,
Aren't  these alike ?
Say something Dear ,
And when you throw away this blanket ,
Neither me nor you remain,
Those companions,
kith and kin ,
Sweethearts ,
And guides,
Like Gardens of Maaya Jaal,
Varied Flowers ,
Dissimilar Trees ,
Different Birds,
But one Breeze,
One Morning Dew ,
One Light ,
One Spring ,
And one Autumn.
One , Just One ,
Don’t get Lost ……..

( Autar Mota 27.06.2014 )

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