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Here is My kashmiri poem   "Srinagar, Our City. 1990  ".

(Srinagar ,Soan Shahar  ..1990)

Daaeh  Mandhinyaen Gatkaar Prabhaatus ,
Shaamun Marghatatchiy Tchheitaa Chhoppa Zun,
Paanus Paanus  Raetchh Zuvuss laej,
Boyy Na Baayiss?
Santaanuv Moshrov Bub Maejj ?
Buthh Pheerithh Neraan  Humsaaya ?
Mataa prutchhtum tim Kathha he Baaya .

Kaal Tchakher  Notch yuth Reshiwaare,
Saebhi Pyathh vaethhh  Maharaaza ta tchaeill , 
Raah-chokkun Haenz Chhokh Aaess Vattie Vattie,
Dwodh Shuer taam laeg chheipi Baalan  ,
Maajein Thovukh lalvun Naar.

Larrie Gayee Khaali,
Traaeth Peyee  shaahruss,
TAANDAV Aangan Aangan kaaluk  ,,
 Huum  Drayee  Neithhanaen  Beyi Nanavaer,
Vaethh Dazivaen Sekki Shaatun Munz ,
Soant Fulaai Haenz Aash Ti Masharaekh
Treish Na kenh,
Na Saaya kullein Hundh ,
Vaen Mata Prautchhtm Ammi Bronhkunn

Praaran Praaran Akki Akki Veiss Peyee,
Kum Taarukh Kum Gaashanhaar…
Tim Rooedh Aakhier Gari Taam Bolaan,
“ Baar Khodaaya Paap Nivaar ”

( Avtar Mota)


 A simple english rendering of the poem  done by me is as under ... 

 ( Srinagar,Our city  1990 )

Gloomy and dreary were the  mornings ,
Smoke billowed everywhere   during afternoons ,
And evenings were silent  and desolate like a  crematorium.
Every individual  out   to protect  himself,
Brothers turned aliens ,
Children forgot  Parents ,
Close Neighbours  turned  strangers ,
 Brother! Don’t ask me those  stories anymore.

The land of Reshis , witnessed the  unusual spin of the Kaalchakra ,
The bridegrooms got up from the marriage feasts and ran away ,
 And Outside ,The paths were full with groups of   wandering *Raah- chokks ,
Even infants were lured by  mountains and did never return,
What could    Mothers do , 
Except putting  up with this life long agony  ?

The houses  turned empty 
When the lightening struck the city .
  Death  played  its TANDAVA inside every courtyard,
 Some   ran  unclothed  and barefooted ,
Arriving in  the blazing  deserts ,
 They  lost all hopes to see the  Spring  blossoms .
No water to quench the thirst,
Not a Tree to sit under shade ,
And beyond this Don’t ask me  anymore .

In wait , many stars ,
So luminous ,
Fell to dust one after the other .
Till their last breath , they kept saying,
“O Lord ! Unburden us of our sins .”
( Avtar Mota  )
  • Raah -Chokk is  used in kashmiri language as a imagined  negative character who misguides simple travelers . He waylays  them in their journey .
  • “Baar Khodaaya Paap Nivaar” is a line from a shrukh of Sheikh Nur Ud Din or Nund Reshi of kashmir .First two words  ( Baar Khodaaya ) have a   Persian source and the last two ( Paap Nivaar ) come from Sanskrit. A beautiful amalgamation of Sanskrit and Persian in kashmiri language.

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