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With me is a Book Published by J&K Academy of Art Culture And Languages titled “ PRATINIDHI KASHMIRI KAVITAAYEIN ” . The Book has been edited by Dr Mohd Ayoob Khan “ Premi ” who has also done wonderful Hindi translation of Select Poems representing a cross section of kashmiri poets From Laleshwari ( Lal Ded ) to Sajood Sailani .The Book Has been published in 1975 and accordingly the later generation of kashmiri poets do not find a place in this Book . I am impressed by Dr Ayoob Premi’s Scholarship and deep knowledge of kashmiri culture and ethos .The foot notes at some pages are commendable . In his detailed foreword to the book ,The author expresses deep gratitude to Shri Dina Nath Naadim and Prof Rehman Rahi , Both progressive and Modern poets of kashmiri Language . Both poets have immeasurably helped Dr Premi in compilation of this Book.
Between Lal Ded and Sajood Sailani , Dr Premi has covered almost all other poets namely Sheikh Noor Ud Din ( Nund Reshi ), Habba Khatoon, Arinmaal ,Sochh Kraal ,Mahmood Gaami ,Rasul Mir ,Maqbool Shah Kralwari,Prakash Ram , Parmanand , Mirza kak ,Wahab parray , Wahab Khaar ,Ahmed Batwaari ,Muhammed waza ,Krishen joo Razdan,Abdul Ahad Azad ,Mehjoor ,Rasa Javidaani ,Master Zinda Kaul,Amar Chand wali ,Samad Mir ,Ahad zargar ,Mir Ghulam Rasool Nazki ,Dina Nath Naadim,Mirza Arif ,Gh. Nabi Ariz , Gh Nabi Firaq ,Amin kaamil ,Rehman Raahi ,Mohi Ud Din Nawaz Rattanpuri ,Makhan Lal Bekas , Mohi Ud Din Gowhar and Chaman Lal Chaman . At least two poems of each poet have been incorporated this compilation .
I have liked the compilation and the superb translation . I quote some select translation done by Dr Mohd Ayoob Khan Premi ..
Lines from a Kashmiri Poem of Haba Khatoon
(Tcholhamaa Roshe roshe 
Valo Myaani poshe madano
Valaai Veiss Gatchhavayee Aabus 
Duniyaa chhu Nendre Khwaabus 
Chhus Praaran jawaabus 
Valo Myaani poshe madno )
Hindi translation of Dr Ayoob Premi 
( Bhaage aankh Micholi Kar Ke
Meray Madan Suman Priya Aao
Aao Mast Chalein Panghat par 
Duniya mast Swapan Mein Pal Bhar 
Raah Nihaaruun Kyaa ho Uttar 
Meray Madan suman Priya aao )
Lines from a Kashmiri Poem of Abdul Ahad Azad

(Ghulama Chhussa Na Kaanh thhaaveium
Me Panjarunn Haankalan andhar 
Ivaan chum Zindagi Hundh Soz
Safarun Manzilunn andhar )
Hindi translation of Dr Ayoob Premi
(Daas Nahin Huun Bandh Jaaon 
Zanjeeron mein Hathakadiyon mein 
Jeevan Ka sangeet Mila Hai 
Puthh mein manzil ki Garriyon mein )

I request J&K Academy of Art Culture and languages to reprint the book and ensure its availability for a vast section of lovers of kashmiri poetry more particularly the apt Hindi translation of Dr Mohd Ayoob Khan Premi .
( Autar Mota 29.06.2014 )

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