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You find a new meaning to the below mentioned  lines of Kabir if you  deal the opening line  a little differently....

" Gagan ki aut nissaana hai bhai...
Maaryo baan ghaav nahin tan mein, 
Jin laaga tin jaana hai bhai 
Kahe Kabir suno bhai sadho, 
Jin jaana tin maana hai bhai...." 

My  English rendering would be.....

" Brother, 
The target  is hidden up above the skies..
From there, the arrow struck me
And  Look,  there is no  wound anywhere on this body.
Those who are struck, 
they know it.
" O Travelers ! Those who know it,
they alone agree to it."
So says Kabir.

Does the sky represent detachment in its infinite form ?  Through rains, sunlight,  clouds, air and atmosphere, the sky is organically connected to  the earth yet totally detached from it. Given the  freedom of choice, like vapour or air or  smoke ,everything on this earth  would  rise up and up  and reach the ultimate target. The target  is up above and  beyond the seen objects .It can be  reached  only after passing and crossing  the  bridge of detachment .In this journey, the  pull of  the   detachment   helps to gain altitude to come closer and closer to the target. The target is somewhere beyond zero gravity area.

 Through this detachment, the mind  tends to touch the target hidden up above .Those who are struck by detachment  know where it takes them. And those know it , have understood that this is the only way forward towards the target. 

Those who live by 'BE IN IT AND BE ABOVE IT' doctrine , say it loudly that only  a  ' SUKSHMA ' has the capacity and capability to rise  and move up and up towards the target. And unburdening is the only way out to become' SUKSHMA'. And Unberdening  is the the secret of ' the practitioners of ' Be in it and be above it ' doctrine? 

Is the  vastness, inaccessibility,  consonance, and  continuance of the  sky  a great attraction  towards  understanding of the nature of  ultimate reality ? 

Any other explanation ( to the above mentioned  lines  of Kabir) is welcome...

(Avtar Mota)


Word Sukshma used by me will be better understood in context of Kabir's lines  once we read  its usage  in Jain scriptures as well. And the reference is not to 'SUKSHMA SHAREERA only  but more importantly to  SUKSHMA CHITA .

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