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 “ Kashmiri Afsaane or Anthology kashmiri short stories .”
ISBN 978-81-237-4176-5

Published By National Book Trust India
Nehru Bhawan ,
5 Institutional Area
Phase II,Vasant Kunj
New Delhi

Edited by Mohd Zamaan Azurda
Urdu Translation of Stories by Bashir Akhtar
Price Rs70/-

I purchased the Book recently from Book seller in CP New Delhi . This is the third print of the Book done in 2013 . The book has been initially published in 2004.

The Book almost covers all the leading names amongst kashmiri short story writers . The variety of kashmiri short stories included in the Book gives the readrer a grand peep into kashmiri society and culture . The writers included in the Book are Akhtar Mohi Ud din ,Amin Kamil , Autar Krishen Rehbar , Ghulam Rasool Santosh , Bansi Nirdosh ,Taj Begum Renzu ,Deepak Kaul , Dina Nath Naadim ( Jawaabi Card ),Rattan Lal Shant , Rasool Pampori , Som Nath Zutshi , Sham Lal Sadhu , Shams Ud din Shamim ,Sofi Gh. Mohd , Aziz Haroon , Ali Mohd Lone , Gh Nabi Baba , Gh Nabi Shakir , Farooq Masoodi , Mohd Zamaan Azurda , Noor Mohd Roshan,Hriday Kaul Bharti and Hari Krishen Kaul. 
I believe that short stories written by Umesh kaul , Shanker Raina, Gulshan Majeed, Ghulam Hassan Taskeen , Iqbal Faheem and many more  names should have also been in this collection . That would have been a Bonus and  a great variety for the reader . Nonetheless I salute the editor and the translator for this great effort .  My best wishes and special thanks  to the  translator  in particular (who himself happens to be a noted kashmiri writer ) for having done  a beautiful job . My  thanks to NBT India  also for making this  book available to readers  at a price that is unbelievable .

Friends who can read urdu, must read these stories . . I have also written to NBT India to publish the Book in  English and Hindi ( After  Translation )   for a vast section of readers ( Not familiar with Urdu ) in the country who continue to remain unfamiliar with the trend and style of contemporary kashmiri short story. 
Can you please join me in conveying similar feelings to Director National Book Trust India ?... Pl quote ISBN 978-81-237-4176-5….

( Autar Mota 24.04.2014 )

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