Friday, April 4, 2014


( Photo Autar Mota )

Can there be a rainbow also in the desert ? Why Not ?Even deserts give bright hope. Not hope alone but dreams and colours . Emptiness too provokes an intense yearning to seek the Purpose of occupancy . You may see nothing , you may hear nothing ; But this shut up makes something within to pulsate and sparkle. The endless perpetuity of the desert drives an anxious push within to meet someone on the way. It could also be deceptive and dodgy at times . The deceptive and risky feature may incite the mind for exploration... .

Why not look for the rainbow of hope even in the desert ? The pleasure lies only in looking at it. Never touch it . He who tries to dig it from the ends where it meets the earth may regret later.

I add  Agha shahid Ali’s poem "NO "to this thought …

“ Not in the clear stream ,
I went fishing in the desert sky .
With rain hooks at the sun’s end,
I caught a Rainbow ,
Its colours slippery in my hands.
I gently separated ,
Like the bones of the TROUT ,
The blue from the red ,
The green from the yellow ,
My knife sharp ,
Silver exact ,
Each colour lean ,
Impeccably carved .
But the rainbow’s ends ,
Though I cleaned and washed
the earth from it ,
TASTED BITTER , Like Gold ..”
( Agha Shahid Ali )


 A desert in Moonlight could be what this   poem stationery by  Agha Shahid Ali tells us ..

 (Stationery )
The Moon did not become the sun.
It just fell on the desert
In great sheets , reams of silver handmade for you.
The night is your cottage Industry now ,
The day your Brisk emporium.
The world is full of paper .
Write to me.

( Agha Shahid Ali )

( Autar Mota 04.04.2014 )

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