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Russian leaders Khrushchev and Bulganin with National  Poet Maithali Sharan Gupt ( 1886-1964 ).
Photo December 1955 New Delhi.
( Maithali ji presenting Hindi Books to Russian leaders )

 Maithali ji asked Pandit ji for a meeting with the Russian leaders . Maithali ji was member of Rajya Sabha. I have always liked Maithali sharan’s poetry . His Yashodhara is a result of his profound knowledge of Buddhism and poetic sensitivity .  In my schpps , I have read  some of his popular  poems  . He was a pioneer of khari Boli in his poetic compositions. He was also well versed in  Bengali and English (both literature and Language). SAKET AND YASHODHARA are his well known works .  I quote some samples of his poems

Nar Ho Na Niraash karo Mun ko
Kuchh kaam karo kuchh kaam karo

( You are a man , Don’t get disheartened .
Do something and keep doing some useful work )

Abla jeevan Hai Tumhaari yehi kahaani
Aanchal mein Hai doodh aur Aankhon mein Paani

( O Woman! Your story of life is all the same ,
You carry Milk in your bosom and tears in your eyes.)

In one poem , Maithali ji depicts Rahul ( Budha’s son ) seeking a bed time story from his mother Yashodhara( Budha’s wife ) . I quote some lines

“ Maa Keh Ek Kahaani ”

“Beta samajh Liya Kyaa tuuney
Mujh ko apni Naani”

“ Kehti thhi mujh se yeh chetti
Tu Meri Naani Ki Beti
Keh Maa Keh Letee Hi Letee
Raja Thhaa Ya Raani
Maa Keh Ek Kahaani ”

And the lament of yashodhra; While she and her son were sleeping, without telling a word, Budha (sidhartha) decides to slip out of the house and renounce the world …

Mujh ko Bahut Unhon ne maana ,
Phir bhi Kya Poora pehchaana ?
Maine Mukhya Ussi ko jaana ,
Jo voh mun mein laatay …
Sakhi Veh Mujh se keh kar jaatay…

( Autar Mota 06.03.2014 )

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