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Foreshore Road . Dal lake Srinagar .
Photo Autar Mota


“ Assi Chhu special Naadur Baqaar ”

“ We need special Nadru bundle ”

“ sardar Ji tuul ye Gatschi ”

“ sardar Ji Pick up what you want ”

“ Me Gatschi special Naadier Geuud ”

“ I say I need as special nadru Bundle ”

“ Ye Kuss ”

“ Who is he ? ”

“ Afsurr ”

“ officer ”

“Kaashur Chhu Basaan .Pandit Maa Chhu ”

“ Looks like a kashmiri . Is he a pandit ? ’’

“Avaa . pandit Chhu ”

“ Yes . He is a pandit .”

“ Teli Thahar .”

“ Then wait  for a moment."

The women went to the bank of the lake ,pushed the boat aside and to my surprise brought out a bundle of Lotus stems or Nadru kept underneath . Fresh . Rusty white and a mere look convinced me about the quality .

“ Ruth saa sardar Ji . Diess . ”

“ Take it Sardar ji .Give this bundle to him . ”
 At this point, i join the communication :

“Kaetiss Chha ”

“How much for this ? ’’

“ Ye Chha Daai Huthh . Magar tsche ye khosh karie Di Mahraa. Assi Chhu Khaar Tuhundh. Baa mashraava naa. Meyon Khaandaar Chhu Logmutt Aeikk pandit jiyunn Nokri . Baa Rataiy Sirf Huthh Ropaiyee .Tuss Wanaa poshker nath . Khabar Katie Chhu . Khjodaa Saahib Thhavinuss salaamat Shurien Baatchun Saan . . Ye Guvv special Haak . Ye chhuyee Myaani tarafaa Bhaabi Baaput . Ye Chhu Gyevv . Athh Ratiey naa Baa Paansa . Gustch Che Jaanuss Khaar . Kuli jahaanuss Khaar . ”

“ This I sell for Rs250/=. But you pay what you desire sir . We are grateful to Pandits .I shall not forget. A kashmiri Pandit helped my husband in his employment. We would call him Poshkar Nath . . I do not know his present whereabouts . Wherever he may be , our wish is that he and his family be happy . I shall only take Rs100/= for this bundle of lotus stems .Take this special Haak. Take it for my Bhabi . It shall be quite tasty after cooking. I shall accept no money for it. May god keep you healthy . May god bless all”

I turn sentimental and start feeling for Kashmir . Urdu Poet Ahmed Faraaz comes to my mind

Humne Jis Jis Ko Bhi Chaaha Tere Hijraan Mein Woh Log,
Aatay Jaatay Huye Mausam Thaay Zamaana Tu Thhaa.

( Autar Mota )
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