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" Over the Vitasta , this king had the great bridge constructed and only since that time ----------------"

(Taranga III verse  354 .)

This is how Kalhana refers to the first Boat Bridge in 6th century AD built by King Pravarsena II of Gonanda dynasty at some distance from Maksikaswamin ( Present day Maisuma ) .

 I have uploaded views some bridges over river Jhelum in srinagar city .Once you enter srinagar city the first bridge across Jhelun is the Zero bridge . Presently It is closed for the vehicular traffic . The wooden structure and base is still intact. Near by another bridge has come up to go to Rajbagh and other adjoining localities. This bridge has its landing near TRC chowk or Radio Kashmir building . The bridge is known as Abdullah bridge .

Thereafter a new walkway has come up to cross  river jhelum near Sheikh Bagh Amira kadal  for going  to lal Mandi area . Previously ,We had to use  a shikara to cross river  jhelum over here . After this the old Amirakadal bridge has since been dismantled . We have a new RCC bridge over river Jhelum  to go  to Hari Singh high street from Lal Chowk. Next to it the old Budshah bridge has also been dismantled and a new RCC  Bridge is since operational to reach Secretariat and Batmaloo area . Thereafter the Old Habba kadal bridge is still functional but a new RCC bridge has also come up near by and it joins Tankipora and Kral Khudd localities .

         ( Old habba kadal bridge )

Down below a new RCC bridge has come up at Fateh Kadal and the same is since functional. Therafter another new RCC bridge has come up at Zaina Kadal . The old Zainakadal bridge is also functional. Then down below a new RCC bridge has come up at Ali kadal . The old Ali kadal has since been dismantled as it was burnt in  militancy related violence .Thereafter lies the new RCC bridge known as Nawa kadal . Old Nawa kadal bridge was again burnt in a  militancy related violence .Then Down below lies Safa Kadal and Chatta kadal . I have not uploaded views of Safa kadal , Nawa kadal and Chatta kadal .All other bridges have been uploaded in Seriatim   from top to bottom.

Insofar old bridges are concerned , I may add that Ali Kadal was built by Sultan Ali Shah in 1415 AD. Zaina kadal was built by Sultan Zain ul Abdin in 1427 AD .Fateh Kadal was built by sultan Fateh Shah in 1500AD. Other four bridges namely Habba kadal , Nawa kadal , Safa kadal and Amira kadal were built by Sultan Habib Shah , Noor ud din Khan Bamzei , Saif ud din Khan and Amir Ud din Khan Jawan Sher in 1573 AD, 1666AD , 1671AD and 1774 AD respectively .In past , Srinagar used to be called as a city of seven bridges . 

 I end this post with a mini poem  of noted kurdish poet sherko Bekas    ....

(Your love)

Your love is like the wind-
When I want to burn,
It comes and extinguishes me.

Your love is like the wind-
when I am aglow,
it comes and kindles me
( Sherko Bekas  )

(Autar Mota)

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