Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Pictures from Top to Bottom . Photographs by Autar Mota

1 A handmade Woolen Namda

2 An Embroidered silk saree

3 An Embroidered kashmiri shawl

4  Handmade items from willow wicker of Kashmir

5 Embroidered cushion Cover from kashmir

6 Embroidered Tea Cozy set .

7 Embroidered ladies coat .

8  Papier Mache decoration items

.9 The kashmiri tea kettle or samovar

10 Kangri or Fire Pot from Kashmir

11 A handmade papier mache Bowl .

Above items have been Created by the beautiful hands of Artisans of Kashmir .And  Below is a photograph  of Namda Makers of kashmir  Year 1892 AD...


To these Images , I add   lines from a poem of Ali Sardar Jafri  Titled " Haathon Ka Taraana " or "The song of the Hands" ..

"Eajaaz hai ye in haathon kaa,

Resham ko chhuein to Aanchal hai
Pa’thar ko chhuein to buu’t kar dein,
kaalakh ko chhuein to kaajal hai
Mittī ko chhuein to sona hai,
chaandī ko chhuen to paayal hai
………………….in Haathon ki Taazim Karo
In haathon ki Takreem Karo
Duniya ko chalaane vaalre hain
In haathon ko Tasleem karo……………..

( Ali sardar Jafri  )

My simple English rendering would be ..

A Miracle of these hands only !
Should they touch Silk ,
They make it the beautiful hem of a women’s scarf .
Should they touch a stone ,
They transform it to an idol for worship,
Should they touch Black soot ,
A wonderful Kohl for the eyes they make out of it.
And Should they touch Mud ,
They transform it to gold,
A touch to silver ,
Transforms it to the beautiful tinkling Anklet …
………..Respect these hands ,
Revere these hands,
They set the world in motion,
Grant them recognition ………….

( Autar Mota )

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