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                     ( Burak Deniz )

                 ( Hazal Kaya )

                      ( Reha Ozcan )
            ( Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz )


Watching  (  on YouTube ) Turkish drama Bizim Hikaye dubbed in Urdu  as Hamaari  Kahaani . Watching some exceptionally talented  Turkish actors like  Hazal Kaya ( born 1990 ) , Burak Deniz ( born 1991 ) and Reha Ozcan ( born 1965 )  performing the roles of  Filiz, Baris and Fikri respectively  . In this Drama , Reha Ozcan  in the role of  Fikri ( alcoholic ) is simply  superb. I have also seen Hazal Kaya in Feriha , another popular Turkish drama. She is well educated , young , talented and a natural actor . So is Burak Deniz . The title song and its music is pretty attractive and soothing to ears even if you don’t understand the lyrics . 

‘Karanlığa çak bir kibrit
Ruhunu ver ver ateşe
Omuzunda hayatın yükü
Yüzünü dön dön güneşe’

(A match in the dark 
put your soul on fire 
The weight of life on your shoulders 
turn your face to the sun)
 This drama keeps you attracted right up to the last episode ( more than 300 episodes ).  Filiza acts as father and mother to her five young siblings who are dependent on her . When her mother abandons the family, Filiz is left with her younger siblings Rahmet, Hikmet, Fikret, Kiraz, and Ismet. Her father ,Fikri  is an alcoholic and has no interest in the family or his children . He remains out  and lives a carefree life . For his drinks , he creates  every trouble for the family . Filiz tries to earn money through various part-time jobs but her life changes when she meets a handsome and cool young man Baris (Burak Deniz). Baris falls in love with Filiz at first sight and tries to gain her trust and wants to be part of this family. Baris  starts off as a leader of a car theft gang but later pursues a career as a doctor.  Filiz  tries hard to manage her family responsibilities and personal life . She tries to find space between her crushing responsibilities and love for Baris. The story  has many twists and turns that keep the viewer engrossed . The entire serial has been filmed in Istanbul.

( Avtar Mota )

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