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The eyes are an important sensory organ in the human body that represent omniscience and are often portrayed in art as the gateway into the soul. Looking directly in the eyes of someone is a custom of honesty in the western culture.
American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that eyes "speak all languages." The eyes are undoubtedly the most expressive elements of a face, and artists have been inspired by this since the dawn of time.
It is said that the soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze. Often called the windows to the soul, the eyes say it all. Whether we’re happy, tired, feeling down, or confused, it shows on our faces.
Eyes give an idea of a person's thoughts and feelings. Most of the unspeakable answers are delivered through the eyes. The eyes also convey, love, longing, wait, desire affection, truth, sincerity and trust.
The eyes can also reveal much more complex phenomena: they can convey whether we are lying or telling the truth.

Here are some quotes and couplets to substantiate my argument.

“The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul” 
______R W Emerson..                   
"The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides." 
_______Audrey Hepburn 
“The first glance from the eyes of the beloved is like the spirit that moved upon the face of the waters, giving birth to heaven and earth.”
_____Khalil Gibran       


Kaaga karang dhadoliya saglaa Khaaiyo mass
Aey do nainaan mat chhuchho pir dekhan ki aas 
( Sheikh Farid )

( O crow! come and peck all this flesh
over this skeletal frame of mine,
Leave these two eyes untouched 
for they are in wait of that grand beloved of mine )

This Sloka of Sheikh Farid has been modified and translated into various languages and extensively used to portray longing and wait in films, drama and theatre. 

“Kaga sab tan khaaiyo chun chun khaiyo maas
Do naina mat khaaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas” 

"Teri soorat se hai aalam mein baharon ko sabaat
Teri aankhon ke siva dunya mein rakha kya hai"
_______Faiz Ahmed Faiz

"Jab mili aankh, hosh kho baithe
Kitne haazir-jawaab hain ham log"
_______Jigar Moradabadi   
  "Mir unn Neem-Baaz aankhon mein.
Saari masti sharaab ki si hai "
_____Mir Taqi Mir


"Aankhon se badi koyi taraazoo nahin hoti,
tultaa hai bashr jis mein voh meezaan hain aankhein"
_____Sahir Ludhianavi

"Tumhari aankhon ki tauhin hai zara socho ,
Tumhara chaahne vaala sharaab peeta hai .."
_____Munawar Rana


"Her eyes stare at me but she seems not to see me; she looks as though she were lost in her suffering."
______Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

"There are people who prefer to look their fate in the eye"
________Albert Camus

" If you see with innocent eyes, everything is divine."
________Federico Fellini


" Photography concentrates one's eye on the superficial. For that reason it obscures the hidden life which glimmers through the outlines of things like a play of light and shade. One can't catch that even with the sharpest lens."
________Franz Kafka


"Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts."
__________Paramahansa Yogananda


"Who makes us ignorant? We ourselves. We put our hands over our eyes and weep that it is dark."
__________Swami Vivekananda

"Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal."
_________Samuel Richardson


"I would sooner paint people's eyes than cathedrals, for there is something in the eyes that is lacking in a cathedral - however solemn and impressive it may be."___________Vincent Van Gogh

( Avtar Mota ).

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