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                                                 ( A View from Jogilanker , Rainawari bridge by Brian Brake ) )
                                                        9 Two Kashmiri women by Brian Brake )

                                               ( At Shahe-Hamdan  Ziyarat  by Brian Brake)

                                                         ( Nala- Maar by Brian Brake )
                                                                   ( Gulmarg )
                                                            ( Martand Sun Temple )
                                                                      ( A Tonga )
                                                                     ( Nigeen Lake)
                                                          ( Women buying earthenware pots)

                                                                      ( Gulmarg )

                                                ( A Kashmiri  Jeweller by Brian Brake )

Brian Brake (1927-1988) Photography..

Brian Brake was a renowned photographer from  Newzealand. His Indian Monsoon photographs are a treat. He has  extensively photographed Kashmir during his visit in  1957 . Presence of man is the key feature of his photography. And he is adept in linking nature and human  struggle  in his photographs.  Brian has also photographed world  leaders,  artists and  musicians in action .  A series has been done by him on Pablo Picasso especially while the artist witnessed a bull fight. He worked as film cameraman and remained associated with globally circulated   magazines like Life,National Geographic and Paris Match   for a long time . 

                                                                ( Picasso by Brian Brake )
                                                      ( Brian Brake in action )

He was known for his travel to exotic locations, adventure, big budget projects , working with cultural treasures and  famous people.
The National Gallery of Australia acquired 23 photographs which form the core of the  famous photo-essay, Monsoon, shot in India in 1960 by  Brian Brake.

Monsoon first appeared in LIFE magazine on 1961 and subsequently in Paris-Match, Epoca and Queen. This single story established Brake's reputation as a master of the  photo-essay. 

                                                   (  Monsoon photograph by  Brian Brake)
                                                       ( Monsoon photo by Brian Brake)
                                                            ( Monsoon photo by Brian Brake)

Photographing the seasonal monsoon rains of India had been tried before with unsatisfactory results, and Brake’s initial attempts were also unsuccessful. Then he realised that the best approach was not to try and photograph the monsoon weather directly, but to focus on its effects on the people of India.

In 1980, Brake said that, out of all of his work, ‘If “Monsoon” lasts, I’ll be happy.’
( Avtar Mota)

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