Wednesday, September 15, 2021



                   ( A  Kashmiri Pandit  woman outside her refugee tent in Muthi Jammu   )
My eyes are moist. The exile is tormenting, painful and real. So are the deaths of so many innocents. Today I am reminded of some couplets of poet Jaun Elia's. 
"Hum to jaise wahaan ke thay hi nahin
Be-amaan thay amaan ke thay hi nahin
un ko aandhi mein hi bikharna tha
baal o par aashiyan ke thay hi nahin
Ab hamara makaan kissi ka hai
hum to apne makaan ke thay hi nahin
hum ki hain teri daastaan yaksar
hum teri daastaan ke thay hi nahin
dil ne daala tha darmiyaan jin ko
log vo darmiyaan ke thay hi nahin.
ho teri Khaak-e-astaan pe salaam
hum tere astaan ke thay hi nahin
hum ne ranjish mein ye nahin socha
kuchh sukhan to zubaan ke thay hi nahin
us gali ne ye sun ke sabr kiyaa
jaane wale yahaan ke thay hi nahin"
( Avtar Mota )

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