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( Rajindra Krishen with Sunil Dutt )..
During the making of Patang ( a film that was co produced by Hargovind Duggal, brother of Rajindra krishen ) there was a little delay from Rajindra Krishen ‘s side with regard to writing two songs, tunes for which were already composed by Chitragupta . Chitragupta told Rajindra krishen that he can not wait anymore and he needed two songs for the tunes that he had already composed . As usual , Rajindra krishen (who would always complete screenplays and dialogues on highest priority ) tried to put him off with some excuse . To get things expedited , Chitragupta worked on a plan. He told Rajindra krishen about his discovery of a very good Punjabi restaurant in Dadar .Amused , Rajindra krishen wanted to visit that restaurant there and then . Together they went to Sher e Punjab restaurant in Dadar ,Mumbai . Chitragupta had already fixed with the restaurant manager for some good Punjabi food . The restaurant had a Tandoor as well.
While they were having their food , Chitrgupta asked Rajindra Krishen to listen to two tunes that he had composed and wanted him to add lyrics to these tunes .And Rajindera Krishen liked both the tunes . After he was free from his meals , Rajindra krishen said :
“ Yaar harmonium kahaan hai “
“Meray Ghar pe “
“Chalo vaheen chaltay hain”
“Kaagaz kaapi hai vahaan “
“Nahin “
“Chalo dekhte hain raaste mein le leinge . Pakdo taxi .”
On their way , they tried to find some stationery shop but could not locate one . Rajindra Krishen saw a typing institute and asked the taxi driver to stop. He went inside and requested for a sheet of paper . Now he needed a pen or pencil. The typing institute man gave him an old pencil that needed to be sharpened . A new blade was purchased from a nearby shop as suggested by the typing institute owner. Back in his taxi , Rajindra Krishen asked Chitragupta to repeat the tune and  he immediately wrote opening lines for two songs “Rang Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi Laati To Hogi “and “Teri Shokh Nazar Ka Ishara “ for Patang , a 1960 super hit film. The opening lines were written while the taxi was speeding towards the residence of Chitragupta. Once inside Chitragupta’s house , Rajindra Krishen wrote complete songs in half an hour .Both the songs turned out to be hit numbers .Next day , he completed the remaining songs in another sitting with Chitragupta.
It may be pertinent to add that Chitragupta had worked with Rajindra Krishen in AVM’s Bhabi , a super hit film of 1957 . Rajindra Krishen had composed two songs for that movie that went straight to the lips of millions in India. These songs were hummed by them in their work, journey, homes , everywhere and anywhere. The songs were “Chali Chali Re Patang” and “Chal Udd Ja Re Panchhi “ .Rajindra Krishen also wrote the dialogues of Bhabi . Chitragupta knew that while Rajindra Krishen was quick and prompt with screenplays and dialogues , he was a bit casual when it came to lyrics . He also knew that Rajindra Krishen was fond of Punjabi food . Rajmah , Maah Ki Daal , rice , Naan , chicken , Saag meat , Allu Parantha , Methi Parantha , Baingan Ka Burtha , Makki Ki Roti and Lassi and so many other things . 
At a point of time, any song that Rajindra Krishen wrote would become popular and add to Box office revenue of the producers. And this genius and his talent remained largely noticed.
"There was only one lyricist in this industry from the '40s to the '60s after whom producers, financiers, directors, composers and even stars ran as if he was a mega-star, just to get him to work with them, and that was Rajendra Krishan...!" so says his son.
A low profile was his trade mark. He did not create much literature apart from what he wrote for films . He wrote songs for more than 350 ( his son says 386) films, dialogues for more than 100 films and screenplays for an equal number of films . Though he wrote most melodious songs of his time that created musical sensation , he always maintained a low profile and lived a family life.
In Mumbai’s film world , any person who worked with Rajindra Krishen would say that he was an “ Invisible Giant “.
Fond of smoking, playing cards and going to the race course, he once won a jackpot of Rs 48 lakh in a derby race and contributed generously to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund.
On September 23, 1987, he felt uncomfortable at home and was taken to Breach Candy Hospital, where doctors examined him. Nothing serious was diagnosed and he was asked to go home. But just as he was leaving the hospital, he collapsed and couldn't be revived.
I end this post with some lines from the song "Rang Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi Laati To Hogi " that was almost conceived and composed in a moving Taxi.....
"Pyaar ki kushbu kahaan Aati thi kaliyon se
Ho ke Aayi hai havaa bhi unki galiyon se
Chhu ke unke daaman ko aati to hogi ....
Rang Dil Ki Dhadkan Bhi Laati To Hogi
Yaad Meri Unko Bhi Aati To Hogi..."
( Avtar Mota )

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