Monday, May 17, 2021


 ( The silence of Winter Snow by Santosh Tiku)

                               ( Forest fires )




Santosh Tiku , son of  Suraj Tiku ( the well known painter, stage  artist and set  designer ) lives in Jammu. He keeps himself busy using water colours, pencils,inks, oil paints and other mediums. Couldn't see his entire work but something that I saw impressed me. I like his deft brush strokes and  colour application on paper or canvas. 

Santosh Tiku has also published his poetic collections apart from being actively connected with theatre. 

This is what Padamshri Pran Kishore Kaul has written to me when he saw above paintings on my Facebook timeline.

" I have a soft corner for him because of of my friendship with his remarkable  father Sooraj Ji. When he, Makhan Lal Saraf and Hriday  Nath Gurtu would  be together there was no end to hilarity and jokes. Besides a character in Mainzi Rath l had assigned Production Manager's job and Art Direction to him. The six weeks of stay together in Tanga Marg was more than enough to find what a good human being he was. Had already been enamoured  of his talent as a painter. A fine landscape painter. But at the same  time he has done some remarkable  portraits too. I am really happy to see that his son Santosh has kept his father's tradition alive."

(Avtar Mota)

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