Tuesday, May 25, 2021




"May entire   humanity be  free from the Corona pandemic." My lord,my prayer...

( Kaanh vath..)

Kaanh vath kaeditav shaah akh hemahav
Vaeti vaeti pyath  vuchh Adam behaal ....
Akki akki aakashik peyi taarak
Latamonjji ya latsi gayi kam kam laal..

Sonna moharan guv qatrein hundh mol ,
Armaanan  laejmitch  mochhi mooran
Akhbaaran vuchhnas dil khotchaan
Prath lari vonn deut aem  saen tsooran

.......Kaanh vath kaedtav shaah akh hemahav"

In English,I would say this:

(Some way out)

Find some way out,
a deep breath we desire to have.
On every pathway
In every  lane over here,
Restless are human beings .
One after the other,
every star from the sky
has fallen to earth
and mingled with the dust.
Which bright star has not been trampled and fed to filth?

The gold  coins look like  pieces of broken earthenware,
Someone has rubbed every tender desire of this heart under his arrogant hands .
The news and the newspapers terrorise,
this burglar is  breaking open every door and every house .

....Find some way out,
a deep breath we desire to have.

(Avtar Mota......May 2021 ,Jammu)

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