Monday, May 3, 2021


      ( Srinagar City and Jhelum river )
                   ( Feeding the ducks )
    ( Returning from the Shrine )
  ( Naidyar Rainawari bridge )
 ( Autumn visits village Kralpora , Kashmir)
 ( A village scene in Kashmir )
 ( Approaching Pahalghaam )
(A view of Hariparbat from Nigin Lake )
( Rainawari locality in Kashmir)
   (Bohri Kadal bridge over Maar canal )
 ( The vegetable sellers )
( A Kashmiri tea shop or Chaaya Vàan )
( Saffron fields of Pampore Kashmir' )
( The gate to the Ziyarat of Makhdoom Sahib)
( Jhelum valley road in Autumn)
( The Shrine with tulips on its roof)
( Plucking saffron flowers in Pampore )
( Habba Kadal bridge at night )


Kashmir is everywhere in his work. His special focus has been to present speaking images of life in Kashmir . He has painted women engaged in daily chores , children , boatmen , fish selling women , Bazaar scenes , snowscapes , autumn Chinars , poplars ,saffron fields , rice husking villagers, hills , brooks , river Ghats , temples ,mosques , canals , fruit laden trees ,houses with thatched roofs, innocence and poverty of his native land .                                                                    

If you look at his work , you need not read much to know how people lived in Kashmir just five or six decades back . Every work is full of life and speaking . Every frame conveys how we lived in our recent past . 

D.N.Walli was also a noted poet .As poet, he used Almast as his pseudonym. He wrote poetry in his mother tongue. He also wrote Gazals in Urdu. I quote an Urdu  couplet of D N Walli Almast ..

 "Mein uriyaan Kar ke chhodoon-gaa jhalak oss husn e pinha ki,
Jabhi to kheenchta huun roz mein tasveer jaanan ki.."

( I shall make that hidden beauty open and known to all,
Everyday ,for that reason alone , I draw pictures of my beloved )

( Avtar Mota)


All these water colours have been uploaded from the book.."Dina Nath Walli: A Passion to Portray Kashmir " by Dr. Tej Krishen Walli published in 2017...

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