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This portrait of Ghalib  was found by the British among Bahadur Shah's possessions after the Rebellion .it has been dated to 1856.  It is apparently a copy of *this original*, which is now in the Red Fort Museum.....

To this portrait, I add a small write up on Speed, human tragedy and Ghalib.

Expediency is value currently. And expediency is speed. Isn’t speed a trap laid by the runaway technology? A trap that disallows us to see human reality.  This human tragedy has been beautifully put forth by Ghalib in his below-mentioned couplet:-

“Pinha  tha  daam-e-sakht qareeb aashiyan  ke
Uddney  na  paaye thay  ke giraftaar hum huve”

(The  hunter’s  firm net lay hidden  close to the nest
The young chick  got trapped before it could take  its maiden flight )

And sometimes the mind gets fed up with the speed and desires to go slow. It raises a cry like this :-

Aey sarv e ravaan aey jaan e jahaan
 Ahistaa guzar  ahistaa chal,
Jee bhar ke me tujh ko dekh to luun
  buss itnaa thahar buss itnaa thahar..

( Oh walking cypress, oh Life of the world ,
Pass slowly , pass  slowly.
Let me look at you to my heart’s content ,
Only stop that long, only stop that long.)
(Avtar Mota)

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