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A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ASHA BHOSLE (Born September 8, 1933)....

"Pyaar ke jaltay  zakhmon se
 jo dil mein ujaalaa hai ,
Ab to Bichharr ke aur bhi
 Zyadaa  badnay walaa hai 
Aap ne jo hai diyaa,
Woh to kisi ne na diyaa
..............Chain se ham ko kabhi
               Aap ne jeene na diyaa
               Zehar Bhi chaaha agar,
              peena to peenay na diyaa "

( Kaifi Azmi )

My simple English rendering would be.... 

 "Ah !  The brightness in the Heart ,
 springing forth from the  smoldering wounds of love ;
Now that we are not together,
This glow shall intensify Further ,
 Surely ,
What i received  in  this Love ,
None else has been able to give   .

In Peace ,
Never ever  have you let me live ,
 even if ,
i sought poison to end this predicament  ,
you would not let me drink it."

No one can sing these lines the way you have sung Asha ji.....

May you live long and be always happy ...

( Avtar Mota )
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