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                                                      ( At Brownington )

                                          ( Amish  sign Horse cart )

                                                        ( Montpelier VT  )

                                                        ( At Burlington )




So many  Gulmarg like meadows , so many beautiful places like Pahalghaam, so many clear water lakes, thousands of snow skiing slopes, colourful flowers ,farmer markets, gift shops, theatres, cheese industries  , bicycles, wines, honey, maple syrup , restaurants , music ,art, Yoga, forest camping , pine forests, sunflower farms, sweet corn farms, water falls, birds, fruits, apple cider , pickles, sea food, bakery and chocolates all in plenty. That is Vermont state .

Vermont is primarily rural but into its harmony of hills, fields and forests, attractive towns and villages with a distinctive Vermont atmosphere are also blended .

Vermilion orange ,russet and golden hues flood Vermont's landscape every fall. Reminiscent of an artist's palette ,  these  warm tones light up the trees of maple beech and poplar in this region. 

In Vermont , roads appear to be  hugging  the mountains to meet valleys .These roads take you through forests, farmlands, old  villages , towns , lakes ,  hubs of culture / communities / commerce and innumerable spots of recreation . For a traveler , Vermont has its special chews and brews , museums and galleries  and mild to  wild outdoor  recreations .

This state is very close to Canada hence climatically , August end felt like early November of Kashmir. Scenic with Chinar like maple trees all over , Vermont state is sparsely populated. A good number of senior citizens live over here. A real dearth of health care volunteers. The population of Vermont state of USA is something around 630000 . Indescribable beauty , soothing climate and proximity to Atlantic ocean. This entire area is known as New England.We visited Burlington, Brownington, New Port , Montpelier and some more places
Montpelier is the capital of Vermont. Population  of Montpelier 8000 as per records yet  the infrastructure is for about 200000 people approximately .Always write Montpelier VT . VT is for Vermont as there is another beautiful city in france with same name . The town was originally a French settlement and Europeans started arriving in this area in early 17th century. Before that ,it was inhabited by local Indian tribes . During daytime ,the city has lot of hustle bustle due to visitors and emploees who come to this small place for jobs. Many offices of state administration are located in this beautiful city.

In Vermont state , you have a beautiful town close to the border of canada. This town is called New Port. Canada is just nine miles from New Port. New Port was  cold in late August . Evening temperature was 14 degrees celsius. New Port is a town with population of about 5000 persons .The town has some refugee families from Thailand . So yo get good  Thai food from a Restaurant. Infrastructure wise,it can accommodate 250000 persons.Winter temperature at New Port may drop to minus 28 degrees celsius. It is almost deserted in winters. No tourist . A beautiful lake known as lake Memphremagog is in the heart of the town.

We stayed at Burlington as well. Burlington has an airport and we arrived from New York by Jet Blue flight .The flight time was about one hour. Burlington town is inhabited by immigrants from Europe mostly UK. A walk through old church street is a new experience. Tourists, art Bazaar ,ice creams and crowded restaurants.
Burlington town has some refugees who speak Nepalese language . They have settled in colder states of New England. Many refugee families have settled in Vermont. Saw many in Burlington. Saw some Sherpa and Himalayan Restaurants. Burlington is the biggest city of Vermont state. Vermont University is also in Burlington town. Population of the town is about 60000. Abundant means and resources for about 300000 persons. Lake Champlain is a beautiful lake in the heart of the town. This lake extends upto Canada. It has a beautiful water front with walking path and parks.

Stayed for two nights at Brownington village . August end over here feels like early November of kashmir. Saw two beautiful lakes close to Brownington village .Lake Willoughby and lake Crystal . Clear water and no crowds .This area is full of meadows and pine forests. Many Amish families have also come to this area and are doing well.

Conversation with the ice cream seller in New Port.

"We close in November and reopen in March. People here relish bigger ice creams even when the baby size is enough for an adult. We got big, large medium ,small and baby baby .I suggest you take medium. That will suffice for four of you and the baby. If you  feel like having  more ,no problem, i am here to serve"
,This is Vermont Special. The famous Ben And Jerry's . Made from vermont Dairy . "

" Have heard about Ben And Jerry's ice cream. Thanks"

" What toppings do you need ? Should i make it with crushed almonds ?"

"That will be fine .What is this frozen yoghurt ice cream ? Do you sell plain Yoghurt ? Any thing like Indian Lassi ."

" This is Yoghurt ice cream. Yoghurt is a dessert. Always sweetened with pineapple or black berry or vanilla or Banana . Some people like it as ice cream. Some like it as dessert. What to do with plain yoghurt i don't know ?what is Lahssi that you want  ? And my friend, come to this place in October to see Fall colors."

Vermont is a major producer of timber ,pulp,granite and marble. Vermont marble has been used in the construction of the Supreme Court building in Washington D.C.and the United Nations headquarters in New York city.

(Avtar Mota)


The horse cart is a sign of Amish house.  Like other Europeans, Amish people are also    immigrants to USA  from Germany and Netherlands. Some Amish  families have lately moved to Vermont from Pennsylvania. They   follow strict community rules. They don't use TV , mobile phones and modern electronic gadgets . They  can be seen traveling by horse carts.

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