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Modern technology ( coming in the shape of Internet and Mobile connectivity )  has  made all those old post office papers /  instruments like money order form, blank inland letter  , post office registered envelope , blank telegram form and Post Card almost redundant for us. Rarely we see such things in our households. We have forgotten the role of a postman in our lives. Have we destroyed the institution of Post office in India? I saw it  thriving in USA .

In offices receipt despatch section is gradually facing  extinction. With the click of a mouse or feeble touch at the mobile display screen ,  any amount can be sent to any person anywhere and at anytime.
 Why write litters? Speak or use Email channel. Speak directly and send any script in seconds using Desktop, Laptop or Mobile phone.
Not that alone, you can see a person and talk to him anytime from any place  using your mobile phone.

Technology has made Post office  something that is not necessary in our lives anymore. Alas! I don't know who is the postman in my area. However i still remember Makhan Lal   the affable and ever busy postmen  of Rainawari  .I still remember how he brought a money order, some interview letter, some  appointment order and regular welfare communications  of relations and friends  .

And Very shortly we shall  erase all those   memories to carry on with the technology  that makes us to lead a   phoney life ...
(Avtar Mota)

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