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BENARAS   1944….

By…S H RAZA ( 1922-2018 )

Before coming to Kashmir , Syed  Haider  Raza stayed for some months in Benaras . Like artist Ram Kumar , he was also attracted by the spirituality of the ghats , crowds and Ganga  . He stayed  with  Sadhus  , lived  in  Dharmshalas and   sat on ghats observing and  painting . He was using water   colors  those days. This is a painting from that period. Water colors on paper
 In an interview , Raza has  said  :

"India is full of rich icons and symbols that have no parallel elsewhere. I use these icons in my work and I try to understand how they relate to each other. Consider the Purush-Prakriti symbols that are everywhere in our temple sculptures. Or the idea of the Kundalini, the source of energy. Or Pancha Tatava - the five elements that constitute Nature. . Starting in 1975, i started focusing on the Bindu. And that has been the central focus of my work in the years since. Bindu to me is about beginning, it is the seed from which the tree grows, it is the egg from which comes the child, it is to painting what Om is to meditation and music."

(Avtar Mota)

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