Thursday, April 11, 2019



A Portrait of Poet Ali Sardar Jafri  and  A Season of Promises from every side...(Elections)

So wrote Poet Ali Sardar Jafri  .....

"Khwaab daulat ke gareebi ko dikhane-waale,
Aasmaanon pe Mahal Apnaa banaane-waale,
Inn khilonon se na behlegi tabiyat meri,
Itani Aasaan nahin aey   dost Mohabbat meri.

(Ali Sardar jafri)

("You , who built this grand   palace touching  the sky up above  ,
Show not these dreams of affluence to my  Poverty,
These promises,
Like old toys .
Don't recreate me any more.
O friend ,
My friendship is not so easily won ..")

( Avtar Mota)

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