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           ( A view from 40th floor observation Gallery)



( Mobile Camera  Photos..Avtar Mota)

The statue is at a distance of 210 kms from Ahemdabad. We went via Vadodara and Anand ( Amul town). With a height (192 metres) that is double the height of Statue of liberty(93 metres) , this imposing statue happens to be tallest man made Sculpture in the world. Built with steel and cement at a cost of 3000 crores, the statue remains closed to visitors on every Monday.

 The Statue, located in Gujarat’s Narmada district near Kevadiya town is erected at 3.2 kilometer distance downstream from the Sardar Sarovar Dam.

As per Newspaper reports,  The revenue generated from visitors to Statue of Unity from November, 2018 to January, 2019 is Rs.19.47 crores  and the number of tourists who visited the Statue of Unity at Kevadia in three months from November, 2018 to January, 2019 was 7,81,349 as against yearly average of 8,22,009 tourists visiting Sardar Sarovar Dam at Kevadia in the last five years.

The express entry ticket @1000 per person ( ordinary ticket Rs350/- per person ) gives you immediate/ non queue access to lifts, viewing gallery on 40th floor , Exhibition hall and Theatre where Documentary on the life of Sardar is shown to visitors. It also gives you a free ride in luxury buses that carry you to and fro ( from Taxi or bus stand ) to statue , Sardar Sarovar Dam and lake viewing points. Cameras are allowed. 

 Very shortly,  the visiting hours for the Sardar Patel memorial  are going to be revised from  current 9AM - 5PM to  8AM - 6PM.

The imposing statue has captured Sardar in a thoughtful mood . Started in 2013, the statue was completed in October 2018 by Larsen And Toubro. A bust and a small statue of sardar Patel has also been installed in the Exhibition hall.

Our Taxi driver cum Guide for Gujrat Tour said:


Murari Bapu is a real Saint. Every Gujrati , Hindu or Muslim respects him. 


Gujrat has the Tallest statue in the world . Gujrat will soon have world's largest cricket Stadium . This stadium is being built in Ahemdabad at a cost of 700 crores and it will have a seating capacity of 110000 spectators. The existing Motera stadium is being dismantled to make way for the new stadium. The construction of new stadium was decided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was heading Gujarat cricketing body earlier.


Sabarmati river front is a unique gift to the people of Ahmedabad. It has beautified the river banks apart from clearing all encroachment . The river is cleaner. Recreation parks and walkways have been created on both sides of the river. Night time illumination is a treat. 


People in Gujrat want peace, development and Business. No time for Lafdaa (  Quarrel ) .


No leader like Sardar Patel. He annexed 565 princely States to India.He was firm and resolute in what he wanted to do. He restored the pride of the nation by reconstructing Somnath. It was Sardar who got Jodhpur, Junagadh, Travancore ,Bhopal and Hyderabad annexed to Indian union as rulers of these states were reluctant to join Indian union.

Only due to Sardar Patel’s efforts , most the princely rulers agreed to the surrendering control of thousands of villages, jagirs, palaces, institutes, cash balances amounting to crores and a railway system of about 12,000 miles to the Indian government without receiving any compensation.And Gujratis know who are their real Icons."

( Avtar Mota)

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