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Prof. Hamidi kashmiri Died Some days back. . He was 86. He was a well known Urdu poet , writer and Educationist . A recipient of Ghalib Award , Sahitya Academy award and Padamshri (2010 ), Prof Hamidi Kashmiri was a renowned personality in Urdu literature who served as former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Kashmir from 1990 to 1993. 

He has authored more than 60 Books on Urdu Poetry , Prose, Short stories and criticism apart from uploading some eBooks on Internet . He started writing since 1949. He was born and brought up at Bohri Kadal in downtown Srinagar city.  Later he moved to his new house at Shalimar locality where he breathed his last.His father, Khwaja Mohammad Sadiq was a trader and Mutawalli of a local mosque.

He completed his early education from M.P. High School, Bagh I Dilawar Khan  and later did his B.A. ,M.A. and doctorate in 1964. He started his career as lecturer  in S.P. College, Srinagar.

He was considered as one among some giant critics of Urdu Literature . By giant I mean men like  Shams Ur Rehman Farooqi , Dr Gopi Chand Narang,Ale Ahmed Suroor and many others. He was very good at writing Blank verse . A sample poem from this genre that I had translated to English long back.


Ham donon
Titli ke ta.āqub mein
Duur mahakte ḳhvabeeda saayon mein Duube
Titli haath se nikli thi,

jangal jaag padaa thaa
patton ki o oat se
shola shola Ankhein jhaank rahi theen!
sab raste masdud huve thay!

(Hamidi Kashmiri )

My English rendering goes as under ...............

( Eyes )
Both of us ,
Moved far away
And Landed in drowsy
sweet smelling shadows
In search of the butterfly .

The butterfly ,
Had just slipped out from hands ,
The dark forest had woken up
And from the leaves ,
Fiery red eyes this way ,
Fiery red eyes that way
Peeped at us ,
when every exit was shut up.

I end this brief post with some lines from his Gazal . The lines express his helplessness in view of the prevailing situation around.

“Shikasta-paa nahin hain ham darḳhton
karein kyaa raasta koyi nahn hai
karein kis se tavaqqo munsifi ki
koyi aisa hai jo qatil nahin hai “

He also wrote Ghazals . He was a perfect gentleman and humble to the core ..He is very frank and straight-forward in his engrossing autobiography " Rehguzar dar Rehguzar " .

Peace be to his soul.

( Avtar Mota )

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