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STORM KING ART CENTRE (Mountainville , Cornwall )

Storm King is one of the world’s leading open Air sculpture parks spread in 500 acres of  rollimg  hills, green  fields, scenic Meadows and woodlands of Hudson valley . More than 100 large-scale sculptures by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time, including Alexander Calder, Mark di Suvero, Andy Goldsworthy, Zhang Huan, Maya Lin, Louise Nevelson, Isamu Noguchi, Claes Oldenburg, Richard Serra, David Smith, and Ursula von Rydingsvard among others are on display over here.

Roughly 50 miles from New York lies this beautiful village falling in Mountainville wherein 500 acres of land has been developed as an open Air Sculpture centre. It is approachable by Train ( Metro North ) and ferry that goes through river Hudson . Metro-North train starts from from Grand Central Terminal to Beacon. From Beacon station, a Taxi drive to Storm King takes about 20- to 30-minutes . One can also travel by Bus ( Package Tours ) that departs from Port Authority Bus Terminal ( Main Bus of Manhattan ) near Times Square . Storm king is Just 20 minutes train journey from Cold Springs village .

Located on the bank of river Hudson,this Art Centre falls in village Cornwall. This Village is known for its Green meadows , Forests , Hills , clean air and open space. It may not be Possible to visit all the sculpture on foot . Better rent a Bicycle or ride the go around vehicle / Tram . You may get off ,walk and then again re-board at specific locations throughout the grounds.

I was told that more than 2 lakh visitors ( Mostly Art Lovers ) visit the place annually. Accordingly you find Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Club , Wild Life Park and Bars .  There are some wineries as well. A film Centre has also come up in this area. This centre thus opened employment avenues for residents of Cornwall village .

The sculptures installed ( In open sky ) are site specific and massive. These are based on Modern and Contemporary styles in Art .

Done by eminent artists , some sculptures convey a clear message with regard to ill effects of Climatic change and the dehumanizing process imposed by Modern Technology.

A three legged Buddha done (in Copper and Steel ) by Zhang Huan eminent Chinese Artist, catches your attention. It is quite impressive and tall Sculpture ,

Maya Lin's ' Storm King Wave fields 'are equally impressive .These wave fields have been developed in 2009 over 240000 sq feet of gravel land and look like ocean waves created out of green grass .At places these green waves rise to 15 feet then move down rising once again to create crests and troughs of a moving wave. You get a feeling of being in mid sea with waves and waves all around.

The place is now on International map and contributes to the cultural life and prosperity of the Area.

(Avtar Mota)

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