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A Visit to HUDSON...

Hudson town is about 115 miles from Grand Central Terminal Manhattan. So many trains from Grand central Terminal move on Hudson track that runs along Hudson river.It is about two hours train journey by what is known as Metro North.

All along the train journey , you can enjoy the views of scenic Hudson river and greenery, should you sit on left side window . You also see river cruise boats, , speed boats and ships sailing towards their respective destinations .Last time , in October 2017, we enjoyed a river Cruise to cold Springs village and saw amazing fall colours all along . 

The beautiful Hudson town is located on the bank of river Hudson . So is the Hudson train staion . Close by lies the Impressive Lighthouse in the middle of the river.

In Hudson town, We stayed in a private house booked through Airbnb. The owner had kept everything for us in his two bedroom house . We cooked our own food and ate a few ripe pears and apples hanging on trees in the compound.

The town has a population of about 6600 that includes about 350 Bangladeshi persons settled since about two decades . They own some shops and run Taxis for Tourists.The courteous and helpful Bangladeshi Taxi driver who brought us from Station to the place of stay said:

"My family stay here since last 20 years.We coming from Bangladesh. About 350 or 360 people from my country living Hudson town. My wife Nurse. She earn 45000 dollars year. I own Deli , work in Bank but leave . Now drive my own Taxi. Very expensive living . Children in college youngest in kindergarten and mortgage repayment. But Thanks to Allah , all go well. Right Fare to Warren street 12 dollar. Pay six dollar. You guys know Bangla. You guys from Calcutta. This sister speak Bangla so you my own family. Pay what you like. Take my cell number. Call if you need Taxi , i come anytime. "

Warren street is the main market and it is lined with shops on both the sides . Walking and looking at shop windows is a pleasure over here. Paintings, antiques, Designer garments, perfumes , wines, , Bakery, chocolates, shoes, caps , jewelry, and gift items are put on elegant display. You are tempted to move inside.

As you walk through main bazar , you are impressed with a strange serenity and poise of the town . At crossings, vehicles stop and allow you to cross. Pedestrian supermacy on roads is recognized. 

Over here, Kashmir comes to my mind once more . 'Parting 'A poem of Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsrov troubles me once more . The poet had addressed it to his beloved . I add :

( Parting) 

Sometimes I’ll come when you’re asleep,
An unexpected visitor.
Don’t leave me outside in the street,
Don’t bar the door!

I’ll enter quietly, softly sit
And gaze upon you in the dark.
Then, when my eyes have gazed their fill,
I’ll kiss you and depart.

( Nikola Vaptsrov)

Suddenly , the nearby hills, greenery and fruit trees start looking familiar . I miss Kashmir, My motherland, and turn thoughtful for some moments.

So many Art, music, literary and Drama activities in a small town of 6600 people. This is something incredible.Inspite of intermittent drizzle, we visit Hudson Opera House . All Tickets for the show have been sold either online or at the Theatre window . We are late.
At the opera house, i enter into some friendly conversation with a local person  who informs me that Hudson town has produced some highly creative people like Tom Davis (Comedian), Nicolas Carone (artist), Marina Abramovic (performance artist), John Ashbery ( Poet), Philip Glass ( Composer) and Tommy Stinson ( Musician).

So long so much on Hudson ...

(Avtar Mota)

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