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(Mobile photos..Autar Mota)

This confident little girl,  done in bronze,  faces the charging bronze  bull at wall street.  We were told  that the present Mayor of NYC   has ordered relocation of the bull and the girl. May  be at separate locations to  nearby stock Market. The purpose is   to decongest Traffic  .Both these  sculptures  located on the Broadway Traffic Median  are proving a hazard to   pedestrians and vehicular traffic .The girl may be relocated first and the charging bull may follow.

This 4 feet tall girl ( weighing around 110 kgs ) looks  impressive and fearless as she faces   the bull. She appears to be saying:

"  I am not afraid of you . I can catch you by the  horn."

Tourist are impressed by her style and fearlessness. People try  to copy her style  while standing close to her for a photograph.

Wall street is clse to American Indian Museum. It is also close
to Bowling green fence that was full of red tulips last week when we were there  . A central fountain adds grace to this Bowling  fence.

This little pony tailed  and fearless looking   girl,   representing female Business prowess(  sculpted by kristen visbal) was installed in March 2017. It was installed to encourage corporate world to put  more women on their Board. It was to be displayed for a few weeks only . But its popularity broke all records and citizens sent petitions to Mayor to keep it.  So it continues to be there. The girl looks daring with her hands on her hip and chin pointed up.

And i would say that the girl loudly proclaims that  Human mental force is always bigger than animal force.

The  Bronze charging bull was installed in 1989 after the 1987  stock market crash. It had become a symbol of american financial resilience post 1987 crash. The 11 feet tall bronze bull,  weighing 7100 pounds ,was sculpted by Italian sculptor Arturo Di Modica.

(Autar Mota)

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