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While sitting on the bank of Serene  Hudson, Urdu Poet Ghalib's  Persian Mathanavi "Charag e Dair"  or "The Lamp of the Temple" comes to my mind.

River  Ganga at  Benaras cast a spell on Ghalib when he visited the city  in 1828 on his way to Calcutta.Apart from this Mathanavi,  Ghalib expressed his admiration and love for river Ganga and Benaras in many letters  that he wrote to his friends.

In a letter to his student Miyan-Dad Khan Sayyah he wrote,

“Oh! Banaras is a unique city. What to say more about! When is such city born? At the end of my life I visited the city. If I had been young, then I would have settled there and left Delhi”

About river Ganga he writes ,

“Ibaadat khanae naqoosian ast

hama na kaabae Hindustan ast”

(Here people make sacred music from conch shells.

This truly is the Kaaba of Hindustan.)

And surely Hudson river is equally inspiring   during evenIng time. So many good thoughts and old memories cheer up  the mood as and when i come to its Banks.

(Autar Mota)

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