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I love Listening to  kashmiri Sufiana music  from Santoor master and sufiana singer Ustaad Ghulam Mohd Saaznawaaz .

My favourite ..

Khosh chhuyii zind  thhaav
Khosh chhuyii Maar
Doan kathhun myaanein
Tchei kunn daar

Awaara karthhuss....
Bozoo myaan zaar.....
Zaaraai Paar
Awaara karthhuss...

I would put it in english like this....

("Should it please you, then Let me live.
Should it please you,then let me die.
My submissions,
Just in two words,

' Undone,
I roam aimlessly.'

Listen my woes,
My submissions ,
I roam  aimlessly...)

What a pathos this master  has put into these words with his touching  vocal style accompanied by  soft santoor notes ?

Saaznawaaz was taught by his father Ustad Ramzan joo and his Uncle Ustad Sidiq joo.

Shri Ghulam Mohd Saaznawaaz received  the prestigious  Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution to Sufiana music of Kashmir.
 Ustaad was a resident of Daanmazaar safakadal  in  downtown srinagar city. He belonged to illustrious family of Sufiyana musicians of kashmir.

Saaznawaaz was honored as “Man of the year 2001” by American biographical institute (ABI).Shabir Ahmed Saaznawaaz and Mushtaq Ahmed Saaznawaaz , sons of the Maestro are also engaged in carrying forward the rich legacy of their father.

A documentary film on the  life and works of the Maestro has been telecast nationally by the Doordarshan.

Ustaad left for his heavenly abode in 2014.

(Autar Mota)

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